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Clojure wrapper library for eBay API, based on code from Clojars by eduardoejp
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Clojure wrapper library for the eBay APIs for affiliate marketing, forked from code on Clojars by eduardoejp.


Leiningen 2 has been used for this project.

Edit the "core" file and put your eBay developer APP-ID in place of nil for app-id. Then run...

lein deps

lein repl

At the REPL...

(use 'clj-ebay.core)

(use 'clj-ebay.finding)

; the following method is a way of handling typos in the search-keywords 
; (provided as inputs by end-users, say)

(get-search-keywords-recommendation "illiam ibson")

; the above should return "William Gibson" in the response from eBay

(find-items-by-keywords {:entries-per-page "9", :global-id "EBAY-US", :page-number 1,  :outputSelector "SellerInfo", :keywords "Neuromancer", :sortOrder "BestMatch" })

; get-histograms provides a breakdown of products into various categories
; (as a means of narrowing searches).

(def CATEGORY-ID 377)
(get-histograms CATEGORY-ID)


The above examples only cover (a subset of) the functions in the "finding.clj" file. Wrappers for several other eBay APIs have been implemented too.

See eBay's own tutorials for their APIs:

The methods in the sample code above depend on the "Finding API":

Here's the sitemap with links to documentation for the other APIs (shopping, merchandising, etc.):


Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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