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A Yeoman generator for open-source software components.
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generator-oss-component for Yeoman

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This yeoman generator will prompt you the following questions:

  • What is the component name?
  • What description do you want to give for the component?
  • What is your organization name?
  • What is your organization type?
  • There is a Floobits workspace for this repo (Development Real-time Collaboration)?
  • do you want to add SauceLabs (Cross Browser Testing)?
  • do you want to add Travis (Continuous Integration) support?
  • do you want to add Code Quality support (choose none, Code Climate or bithound)?
  • do you want to add David (Dependency Management) support?


Install via npm

npm install -g generator-oss-component

or (avoiding npm install and gulp test)

npm install -g generator-oss-component --skip-install

Run Automated Tests

We automatically test every release against node versions 0.10, 0.11, 0.12, and iojs-v2. If you are using a different environment, run our tests to ensure that it works as intended for you.

cd node_modules/generator-oss-component
npm test

Use With Yeoman

mkdir myNewOssComponent
cd myNewOssComponent
git init
git push origin master

//... link it with travis... using
//... create your sauce lab user
//... create your floobits workspace
//... configure codeclimate
//... setup your badges
// and then run... (so it generates the travis keys for you)

yo oss-component

//... answer questions and wait for it to finish

//... if you want to autopublish your module (
travis setup npm


We highly encourage you to fork this repo, make enhancements, and then submit pull requests back!

When contributing:

  1. You must follow strict test-driven best practices.
  • Tests must be written prior to library code being written. Google Red, Green, Refactor for more information on this expectation.
  1. You must adhere to our automated .eslintrc style guide and can ensure that it is passing without warnings or errors before you submit a pull request.

Public Shared Floobits Workspace

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