Allegiance - RTS + FPS Space Combat game
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Build status


Download and install the lastest "Visual Studio Community Edition" :

Download and install the latest Microsoft DirectX SDK (jun 2010): (if you don't want to install it, just extract the DirectX include and lib folders somewhere and set the environment variable DXSDK_DIR to their parent directory)

Launch Visual Studio and open the main solution src\VS2017\Allegiance.sln

Main projects

  • Allegiance (WinTrek folder) : the main client program
  • Server (FedSrv folder) : the game server
  • Lobby (lobby folder) : the game lobby
  • IGC (Igc floder): game logic library

Sub projects

  • zlib: various low level libraries used by all projects
  • engine: 3d gfx engine
  • effect: fx engine above engine
  • clintlib: client library
  • utility (nb: folder name is _Utility) : various high level libraries used by the main projects (notably: network code and collision detection)
  • soundengine: sound engine
  • training: single player training missions

Obsolete (or about to be) projects

  • AGC
  • AllSrvUI
  • AutoUpdate
  • cvh
  • mdlc
  • reloader