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cddl After some ZIL changes 6 years ago zil_slog_limit got partially broken Nov 17, 2016
contrib hyperv/vss: Nuke unused variables. Nov 17, 2016
crypto MFV r308196: Nov 2, 2016
include hyperv/vss: Add driver and tools for VSS Nov 15, 2016
kerberos5 DIRDEPS_BUILD: Update dependencies Jun 14, 2016
lib Add flag SF_USER_READAHEAD to sendfile(2). When specified, the syscal… Nov 17, 2016
libexec Pass CPUID[1] %edx (cpu_feature), %ecx (cpu_feature2) and Nov 15, 2016
rescue DIRDEPS_BUILD: Update dependencies. Nov 13, 2016
sbin Zero etherswitch_vlangroup structure before doing partial assignments. Nov 17, 2016
secure Prefer ACFLAGS over CFLAGS for compiling aarch64 assembly files. Oct 26, 2016
sys If FreeBSD source tree is a subproject of a bigger project, then .git or Nov 18, 2016
targets DIRDEPS_BUILD: Connect new dependencies. Nov 13, 2016
tests Add test case for >65535 segment coredumps Nov 1, 2016
tools Add a dtrace script for collecting schedgraph data Nov 18, 2016
usr.bin Cleanup some leftovers from '-s' removal in r302792. Nov 17, 2016
usr.sbin crunchide: report explicit error for combined string table Nov 17, 2016
.arcconfig callsign isn't required anymore Sep 29, 2016
COPYRIGHT MFC r292983: Dec 31, 2015
MAINTAINERS Remove myself from kern_timeout.c yeah! Jul 27, 2016
Makefile Add full softfloat and hardfloat support for RISC-V. Nov 16, 2016
Makefile.inc1 Add full softfloat and hardfloat support for RISC-V. Nov 16, 2016
Makefile.libcompat Fix in-tree GCC builds after r304681. Aug 23, 2016 Fix dates + add an UPDATING entry. Oct 17, 2016
README README: remove nonexistent 'games' directory. May 18, 2016


This is the top level of the FreeBSD source directory.  This file
was last revised on:

For copyright information, please see the file COPYRIGHT in this
directory (additional copyright information also exists for some
sources in this tree - please see the specific source directories for
more information).

The Makefile in this directory supports a number of targets for
building components (or all) of the FreeBSD source tree.  See build(7)
for more information, including setting make(1) variables.

The `buildkernel` and `installkernel` targets build and install
the kernel and the modules (see below).  Please see the top of
the Makefile in this directory for more information on the
standard build targets and compile-time flags.

Building a kernel is a somewhat more involved process.  See build(7), config(8),
for more information.

Note: If you want to build and install the kernel with the
`buildkernel` and `installkernel` targets, you might need to build
world before.  More information is available in the handbook.

The kernel configuration files reside in the sys/<arch>/conf
sub-directory.  GENERIC is the default configuration used in release builds.
NOTES contains entries and documentation for all possible
devices, not just those commonly used.

Source Roadmap:

bin		System/user commands.

cddl		Various commands and libraries under the Common Development
		and Distribution License.

contrib		Packages contributed by 3rd parties.

crypto		Cryptography stuff (see crypto/README).

etc		Template files for /etc.

gnu		Various commands and libraries under the GNU Public License.
		Please see gnu/COPYING* for more information.

include		System include files.

kerberos5	Kerberos5 (Heimdal) package.

lib		System libraries.

libexec		System daemons.

release		Release building Makefile & associated tools.

rescue		Build system for statically linked /rescue utilities.

sbin		System commands.

secure		Cryptographic libraries and commands.

share		Shared resources.

sys		Kernel sources.

tests		Regression tests which can be run by Kyua.  See tests/README
		for additional information.

tools		Utilities for regression testing and miscellaneous tasks.

usr.bin		User commands.

usr.sbin	System administration commands.

For information on synchronizing your source tree with one or more of
the FreeBSD Project's development branches, please see: