2D Unity SideScroller with 3D graphics.
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Free Beer Group Members

  • Cory Gross
  • William Wallace
  • Jack Satriano
  • Carter Michaels
  • Joshua Kane
  • Dillon Daugherty

What is Solobot?

Solobot is a 3D sidescrolling platformer with shooter elements. The player controls the main character Bud Miller and attempts to break him out of a mad scientist's robot factory. Fighting through hoards of the scientist's robotic guards, the player must collect power-ups, steal abilities, and navigate dangerous obstacles in order to defeat powerful opponents. Combining game play elements of the popular classics such as Megaman and Kirby. Solobot will provide an engaging, enjoyable experience.

The Story

Bud Miller is kidnapped by the mad scientist Dr. Natty and bio-mechanically engineered with cybernetic upgrades to his body making him a half-robot cyborg. Bud Miller must escape the factory with the other half of his humanity before Dr. Natty replaces Bud's brain with a supercomputer AI that will turn him into a full fledged android to lead his army of robots on a quest of world domination. Bud can only escape by fighting his way out, taking advantage of the robotic abilities that were forced upon him, using weapons / robotic abilities (weapons systems programs?) obtained from defeated robots. In order to aid his escape Bud may decide to permanently enhance himself further with additional cybernetic upgrades, chipping away even further at his remaining humanity.

Game Description, Objectives

The game will feature 3D models and graphics, but all the action takes place in the 2D side scrolling plane. The player navigates from the start of the game through the level toward the final objective. Will feature game play elements such as a reflective armor/shield. The game should involve some thought in either the form of discovering how to escape or how to defeat a particular robot. We plan to incorporate and have a focus on tightly tuned controls in order to eliminate player frustrations. The game should put an emphasis on skill and timing, driving the player to perform better with a steep difficulty curve. Also, our game will feature robots, and robots are cool.

  • Number of players - Single player
  • Game play objectives - Escape form the robot factory before you are turned into an android by Dr. Natty (Start to Finish).
  • Procedures/Rules - The player has a certain amount of health and must avoid being hit by enemies in order to sustain positive health and stay alive. The player can eliminate enemies using his weapon, allowing enemies to hit and eliminate each other, or by reflecting enemy attacks using a shield.
  • Resource Conflicts - The player must find pick-ups for health and ammo, along with facing possible time constraints during parts of the game.
  • Boundaries or Formal Elements - Platform which the player must navigate through as well as the factory in which the player is trapped in. The player must overcome the robots and escape the factory.
  • Outcome - Bud Miller either escapes the factory or is trapped within or defeated by Dr. Natty's robots. Bud Miller is turned into an android and serves the insane Dr. Natty for the rest of his artificial life.

Development Tools

  • Platform: Unity
  • Audio: Audacity
  • Graphics: Autodesk 3DS Max, Blender

Development Levels

  • Alpha: March 20th
  • Beta: April 10th
  • Final: April 20th


Demo Executables

Visit our Downloads Page in order to get our latest demo build for your desired platform. Or if you'd rather play in-browser, check out Solobot as a web app!


Controls For The Game

  • Left Mouse or CTRL - Punch
  • Right Mouse or ALT - Fire Projectile
  • WASD or Arrow Keys - Navigation.
  • E or Z Key - Power-up activation.
  • Shift Key - Run