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A repository of peer-reviewed FreeCAD macros.

This repository hosts FreeCAD macros that volunteers have vetted and added for use to the whole community in general available through the FreeCAD Addon Manager.

How to submit a macro

  • The most ideal way to submit a macro is to post it to the FreeCAD Python Scripting and Macros subforum for review. After a green light is given then:

  • Fork this repository

  • Clone your fork locally git clone

  • Go to the newly-created local repository cd FreeCAD-macros

  • Setup the upstream git remote add upstream

  • Create a branch to work in git checkout -b your_branch

  • Follow our guidelines below on how to add a macro

  • When you're ready to push your changes: git push -u origin your_branch

  • Create a PR (pull request) against upstream

  • Achieve global fame once PR is merged

Guidelines for submitting a macro

Macro description

Please add a complete description how to use the macro near the top of your macro as normal Python comments.

CamelCase macro name

Please follow the CamelCase.FCMacro convention for the macro name (other associated files except the macro icon don't need to follow this convention). Please don't start your macro name with Macro or FC or similar (we already know it's a macro for FreeCAD).

Macro name specifics

Also, if possible, start the macro name with the type of object it's working on, e.g. use ViewRotation instead of RotateView, so that all macros related to View will be together when sorting alphabetically.

Macro metadata

Please add the following metadata in your macro after the Macro description (mentioned above)

Macro metadata:

    __Name__ = ''
    __Comment__ = ''
    __Author__ = ''
    __Version__ = ''
    __Date__ = ''
    __License__ = ''
    __Web__ = ''
    __Wiki__ = ''
    __Icon__ = ''
    __Help__ = ''
    __Status__ = ''
    __Requires__ = ''
    __Communication__ = ''
    __Files__ = ''

Explanation of metadata:

    __Name__ = 'Name of the macro (generally, file name without extension with spaces)'
    __Comment__ = 'Short one-line comment'
    __Author__ = 'comma-separated list of authors'
    __Version__ = 'major.minor.patch'
    __Date__ = 'YYYY-MM-DD'
    __License__ = 'License identifier from, e.g. LGPL-2.0-or-later as FreeCAD, MIT, CC0-1.0'
    __Web__ = 'Associated web page'
    __Wiki__ = 'Associated wiki page'
    __Icon__ = 'MyMacro.svg, please put an svg file along side the macro, respecting the macro filename'
    __Help__ = 'A short explanation how to use the macro, e.g. what to select before launching'
    __Status__ = 'Stable|Alpha|Beta'
    __Requires__ = 'e.g. FreeCAD >= v0.17'
    __Communication__ = 'e.g. if on the github'
    __Files__ = 'comma-separated list of files that should be installed together with this file, use paths relative to this file, do not include this file'
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