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ObjectIdentifier: Reworked resolve() function to solve issue #2389 and


* Refactored code; moved mutable fields into a separate inner class.
* Added resolvedProperty to ResolveResults class.
* Set resolved document name, even if it does not resolve correctly, so we can give a better error message later.
* If the document name is explicitly set, and it does not resolve, don't try any further.
* If document name is set, use that instead of the ObjectIdentifier's owner when looking up the document object.
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eivindkv authored and wwmayer committed Jan 26, 2016
1 parent 183f8df commit e5f1e298a6d199ab9282dbc2a4e514085afd030f
Showing with 173 additions and 106 deletions.
  1. +157 −99 src/App/ObjectIdentifier.cpp
  2. +16 −7 src/App/ObjectIdentifier.h

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