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@sgrogan sgrogan released this Oct 26, 2019 · 16 commits to releases/FreeCAD-0-18 since this release

This is the official 0.18.4 release of FreeCAD.

Change Log

(0.18.3 --> 0.18.4)
980bf90 pre-select name filter in import/export file dialog
f972b01 [TD]Fix slow GC of QGIPrimPath
5a1527f Merge pull request #2489 from Jantek/patch-1
dea7d20 [Spreadsheet] Excel File Import fix Py3 bug
a4a42b3 Merge pull request #2541 from Syres916/patch-4
7fa0eea Fix xrange bug in
2b28c50 Fix xrange bug in
31d9283 fix print preview function for >= Qt 5.9
f07b6e3 Follow-up: Fixed thumbnail for problematic FEM example file
38e0e99 Merge pull request #2490 from Jantek/patch-2
2483c46 Backport: startwb files restored in 0.18.3 to display thumbs correctly
d9b8faf Fixed problems with 'pythonopen'
102b97a Correction of drill speed calculation
1e9f9fa Material: py2 fix in depreciated mat file parser (back port from 0.19)
7320c4c [TD]Fix #4017 Crash on bad hatch scale

Known Issues

There are several known issues for different platforms. Please read the current up to date list in the FreeCAD forum.


AppImages (no compiling necessary) are available (a kind of binary that can run on many Linux distros). Download the highest revision of the .AppImage

AppImage (delta) updates

For more streamlined downloading of AppImages download AppImageUpdate (GUI or the command line version). To perform an update:

# Using GUI
chmod +x ./AppImageUpdate.AppImage
./AppImageUpdate.AppImage ./FreeCAD.AppImage
# Command line
chmod +x ./appimageupdatetool.AppImage
./appimageupdatetool.AppImage ./FreeCAD.AppImage


Binary builds (no compiling necessary) are available. Download the highest revision of the .dmg
NOTE: For OSX it is recommended to use the 0.19_dev builds.
FreeCAD 0.19.x has been ported to QT5.9 and QTWebEngine which solves some OSX specific issues.


Binary builds, install-able and portable, are available (no compiling necessary)
The Win x64 builds use Conda as a package manager, The binaries use PY3.6, QT5, and VS2015+
The Win x32 builds use Libpack 11.11. The binaries use PY2.7, QT4, and VS2013

The portable builds do not require an installation. Extract the file using 7zip and start the application by double clicking on FreeCAD.exe in the bin sub-directory of the extracted package.
For example

  1. Download
  2. Download the FreeCAD_0.19.*-Win-Conda_vc14.x-x86_64.7z file from the release page
  3. Extract the binary from the .7z
  4. Run the FreeCAD.exe file to be found in the bin folder.
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