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The Downloads are Win and OSX binary developer builds (no compiling necessary) from the FreeCAD 0.18 development cycle. The Release is created at the beginning of the 0.18 development cycle. The builds are updated regularly. For the OSX, AppImage, and Windows builds the version number is in the file name and can be compared to the commit count here

Note on Python 3

Please test Python 3 (Conda) builds in your FreeCAD daily routine and report issues.

AppImage (delta) updates

Download AppImageUpdate (GUI or the command line version). To perform an update:

# Using GUI
chmod +x ./AppImageUpdate.AppImage
./AppImageUpdate.AppImage ./FreeCAD.AppImage
# Command line
chmod +x ./appimageupdatetool.AppImage
./appimageupdatetool.AppImage ./FreeCAD.AppImage