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Homebrew recipes for FreeCAD
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FreeCAD is a Free (as in Libre) multiplatform Open Source Parametric 3D CAD software.
Homebrew is a MacOSX Package Manager.


The primary and frequent use case for this formula is for developers to conveniently install all the required FreeCAD dependencies to support FreeCAD development.

NOTE: If you are looking for the current macOS builds, please download the latest build from GitHub


Install homebrew

Installing FreeCAD dependencies (FreeCAD developers)

Developers may find it convenient to simply install the pre-requisites prior to cloning the FreeCAD repo for development builds.

brew tap FreeCAD/freecad
brew install --only-dependencies freecad [--with-qt4] [--with-packaging-utils]

Install flags

--with-qt4 option use this option to install Qt4 and associated dependencies (defaults to Qt 5.x)
--with-packaging-utils use this option to install the packaging utilities

Building The Current Release Version of FreeCAD

brew tap FreeCAD/freecad
brew install freecad

Building HEAD Version of FreeCAD

brew install --HEAD freecad

Continuous Integration Support

The Travis CI system uses this freecad formula to build and test FreeCAD every time a change is made to the FreeCAD/FreeCAD repo meaning that the formula is very well tested itself.

Open Issues

See GitHub Issues


Sam Nelson originally developed the freecad homebrew recipe repo circa April 2014 and transferred it to the FreeCAD organization in October 2016.

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