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freeCodeCamp's open-api Intiative
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This project is currently being refactored, performance and API will be unstable.


open-api is a graphQL API that will serve multiple purposes:

  • serve the frontend of freeCodeCamp
  • an implementation of the freeCodeCamp's open-data policy
  • allow developers to build applications around the freeCodeCamp's eco-system and its open data sets


environment url method
staging GET
staging POST


We welcome pull requests 🎉! Please follow these steps to contribute.

Updating certificates

Tokens are verified using public keys, each tenant will have their own certificate containing the public key.

Certificates are stored either on developer laptops in .env files, or in an environment variable JWT_CERT for deployments. We use Travis for deployments, and scripts/ will pick either JWT_CERT_STAGE or JWT_CERT_PROD and export it as JWT_CERT. This will be picked up and deployed by Serverless.

Certificates are base64 encoded to prevent encoding issues. This works around the fact that Travis uses Bash to export environment variables, which causes issues with newlines and other characters have a special meaning in shells.

To add a new certificate, download it as a .pem file, and base64 encode it. Use yarn encode-file if you want a convenient script:

▶ yarn encode-file ~/Downloads/freecodecamp-dev.pem
yarn run v1.6.0
$ node scripts/base64encode.js /Users/ojongerius/Downloads/freecodecamp-dev.pem
Original contents:


Base64 encoded (copy this):

✨  Done in 0.23s.

And copy the base64 encoded string to your destination.


Deployment is normally done by CI.

Manual Deployment

If you want to do a manual deployment:

Configure your AWS credentials, see

Ensure that you have the serverless package install globally

yarn global add serverless

Assert that the stages configured in serverless.yml in line with what you'd like to deploy to, and run:

serverless --stage=YOUR_STAGE_HERE deploy

Getting an API key



Copyright (c) 2018 freeCodeCamp.

The computer software in this repository is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause.

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