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@sgarnotel sgarnotel released this Aug 28, 2019 · 218 commits to master since this release

Warning: this is an automatic release. If you encounter some trouble with packages, post a message in the forum


  • interface to TSSolve, DAE/ODE solvers from PETSc
  • interface to TaoSolve, Toolkit for Advance Optimization from PETSc
  • simpler constructor for sequential PETSc matrices (no need for the restriction array and the partition of unity)
  • some unit tests


  • PETSc version 3.11.3
  • replaced custom implementations (RNM::real, RNM::norm2, and Fem2D::norm) by C++11 functions
  • API of the macro plotMPI
  • switched to inexact coarse operators in HPDDM by default
  • RHS and solution vectors permuted in IterativeMethod and DDM
  • .mesh are now saved using version 2 (which stores floating-point scalars in double precision)


  • legacy linear solver interfaces using the old matrix type
  • dot products using CBLAS because of errors at link time
  • Newtow function (bad name)


  • assertion failure with some 3D meshes when doing trunc(Th, true) (thanks to F. Feppon)
  • compile error when plotting arrays of vectorial functions
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