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@@ -25,22 +25,4 @@ Installation
1. `git clone git://`
2. `cd redis-viewer/`
-3. `node server.js`
-* view redis store keys and values - string, key, list, set, zset and hash currently supported
-* delete individual keys and values on all data structures
-* execute arbitrary commands
-* formats JSON values in keys
-* command line options for ip, port and password (optional; for AUTH)
-* full keyboard arrow navigation and `x` to delete, enter to expand (press `<shift> + /` or `?` for the full list)
-* add second MONITOR client and push changes to the clients current data view using websockets
-* hierarchical key organization for better performance with many keys
-* status responses should slide down
-* confirmation messages should slide down with enter/esc keyboard shortcuts
-* npm package to make installation/maintenance easier
-* editing keys/values
+3. `node server.js`
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