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SyntaxDB Python API

SyntaxDB is basically a powerful programming search engine that helps you to search various programming concepts and syntax with ease. Here, we focus on implementing a python module that helps you to utlise the API in an efficient manner in your Python programs.

We'll help you use the functionalities of SyntaxDB without any hassles. Do try it out and raise any issues that prevail.


Firstly create an object of Syntaxdb class

syntax_object = syntaxdb.Syntaxdb(user_choice = <>,user_search=<>,user_language=<>)

Here, you should fill in your own data inplace of <>.
Also, user_language and user_search could be optional args. You could use either one of them.


  • Can be 0 or 1
  • Use 0 if you want to search for a particular concept in a programming language.
     Example: If you want to know what a for loop does in python,
     syntax_object = syntaxdb.Syntaxdb(user_choice = 0,user_search= "for in python")
  • Use 1 if you want to get all the concepts of a particular programming language.
     Example: If you want to know about all the basic concepts in Java,
     syntax_object = syntaxdb.Syntaxdb(user_choice = 1,user_langauge= "java")

user_search and user_langauge

  • user_search must be filled if choice is 0
  • user_language must be filled if choice is 1
  • The example in user_choice would make things clear for you! Please have a look again carefully.

Now we have 2 functions to help you out based on what you need!

Incase you're looking at getting a particular concept's data, then you could use the getContent() function.
Otherwise you could use the getAllConcepts() function.

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