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Build from source

Source package

Use the source package freehealth_0.11.0.orig.tar.gz to build FreeHealth applications (EHR, eRx) for your operating system.

Please do not use "Source code (tar.gz)" or "Source code (zip)", those default files suggested by GitHub are just a snapshot of the repository, they shouldn't be used directly to build the applications.

Report building issues on our development mailing list or open an issue on GitHub.

Verify source package authenticity with GnuPG

Please verify the authenticity of the archive with GPG before building:

Download both files freehealth_0.11.0.orig.tar.gz & freehealth_0.11.0.orig.tar.gz.sig in the same folder

gpg --verify freehealth_0.11.0.orig.tar.gz.sig freehealth_0.11.0.orig.tar.gz
gpg: Signature made Sat Dec 30 03:30:49 2017 CET
gpg: using RSA key B14EBEF03C985848A8BC96E2B55D28F32B8735F4
gpg: Good signature from "Jerome Pinguet" [ultimate]
Primary key fingerprint: F6B2 7A08 EB11 7D00 D0BA E0D7 B4FC 539F FF2C 5B75
Subkey fingerprint: B14E BEF0 3C98 5848 A8BC 96E2 B55D 28F3 2B87 35F4

You can check the authenticity of this key on this tweet or by meeting with me in person.



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Use our PPA

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