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FreeJoy is a widely configurable game device controller based on the cheap STM32F103C8 microcontroller board. It allows you to create your own HOTAS, pedals, steering wheel device, etc, or customize a purchased one.

Getting started

See our wiki for instructions on how to flash firmware to your board and how to configure the device for your application.


FreeJoy supports the following external periphery:

  • 8 analog inputs (12 bit output resolution)
  • axis to buttons function (up to 12 buttons per axis)
  • buttons/encoders to axis functions
  • 128 digital inputs (buttons, toggle switches, hat povs, encoders)
  • 5 shift modifiers
  • 4 hat povs
  • 16 incremental encoders
  • shift registers 74HC165 and CD4021
  • digital sensors TLE5010/5011, TLE5012B, AS5048A, AS5600, MLX90393 (SPI interface only)
  • external ADCs ADS1115 and MCP3201/02/04/08
  • 4 PWM channels for lighting
  • 24 LEDs (single or matrix) bindable to buttons' states
  • device name and other USB settings


FreeJoy supports up to 8 analog inputs at pins A0-A7 and digital sensors as axis sources. Every axis has its own settings, including:

  • Source/destination (X, Y, Z, Rx, Ry, Rz, Slider1, Slider2)
  • Output enabling/disabling
  • Resolution
  • Calibration (manual or auto)
  • Smoothing (7 levels of filtering)
  • Inversion
  • Deadband (dynamic or center)
  • Axis offset option (magnet offset)
  • Curve shaping
  • Functions for combined axes
  • Buttons from axes
  • Axes from buttons/encoders


FreeJoy allows you to connect up to 128 digital inputs as single inputs (tied to VCC or GND), button matrices, shift register inputs and axis-to-buttons inputs. Inputs can be configured as:

  • Regular push button
  • Inverted push button
  • Toggle switch ON/OFF
  • Toggle switch ON
  • Toggle switch OFF
  • POV hat button
  • Incremental encoder input
  • Radio buttons
  • Sequential buttons
  • 5 shifts

FreeJoy Configurator utility

FreeJoy configuration is possible using an external utility.