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Many changes. See USAGE for details.
Allow any number of retries, instead of only up to 3.
Add ruser option, to authenticate as PAM_RUSER instead of PAM_USER,
to allow applications such as 'su' to authenticate as the real user.
Patch from David Mitchell.
Add 'localifdown' option.
Memory handling fixes, which caused the module to not work on RH9.0
Added dummy pam_sm_acct_mgmt() function, which is needed by pppd 2.4
Increase the allowed length of user names
Bug fix: don't try to free() static storage when using skip_passwd.
Implement retry option.
Solaris 8 changed their header files for PAM.
Bug fix to work on HURD: Don't use PATH_MAX.
Fix a bug where *no* module options would prevent it from finding
the configuration file. Jon Nelson <>
Solaris helpfully passes argc==1 and argv==NULL to the function
pam_private_session(). So we've got to check for that ridiculous
Based on comments from "David Black" <>
Check that the response packet ID matches the request ID.
Based on a patch from Leon Vernikov <>
Use Calling-Station-Id (string), instead of Login-IP-Host (IP address)
for the name of the host the user is logging in from.
Comments from Mike Smith <>
Fix for a buffer overflow from Vesselin Atanasov <>
miscellanous bug fixes. Don't add password to accounting requests;
log more errors; add NAS-Port and NAS-Port-Type attributes to ALL
Some patches based on input from Grzegorz Paszka <>
Bug fixes from Jon Nelson <>
Bug fixes from
More debugging messages.
If no password is given, then add a blank password to the outgoing request.
This change ensures that the outgoing packet is RFC compliant.