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Commits on Jul 3, 2015
  1. @MartinHaimberger
  2. @akallabeth
  3. @akallabeth

    Fixed inverted bAttached setting.

    akallabeth authored
    If bAttached is TRUE, the resources of the event are not
    cleaned up on CloseHandle.
  4. @MartinHaimberger

    Merge pull request #2762 from akallabeth/handle_write_event

    MartinHaimberger authored
    Add write event support to HANDLE
  5. @akallabeth

    Fixed pr comments.

    akallabeth authored
  6. @MartinHaimberger
  7. @akallabeth

    Updated sample server.

    akallabeth authored
    * Added new command line argument --port to allow starting the
      sample server on a port different than default 3389.
    * Using GetKnownSubPath now to determine location of temporary
      directory for server socket.
    * Using distinct server socket files for each port.
  8. @akallabeth

    Handle API updated.

    akallabeth authored
  9. @akallabeth

    WSAEventSelect: Handle lNetworkEvents == 0

    akallabeth authored
    WSAEventSelect did ignore the lNetworkEvents argument.
    In case this argument is 0, the non blocking socket must
    be set to blocking again to mimic windows behavior.
  10. @akallabeth

    Added write event support to handle functions.

    akallabeth authored
    Allows the WinPR HANDLE functions WaitForSingleObject and
    WaitForMultipleObjects to signal in case of write events.
    This is used by CreateFileDescriptor and SetEventFileDescriptor,
    which got an API change accomodating for this new feature.
  11. @akallabeth
Commits on Jul 2, 2015
  1. @bmiklautz

    Merge pull request #2759 from bmiklautz/fix/cliprdp

    bmiklautz authored
    x11/cliprdr: handle empty format names
  2. @bmiklautz

    x11/cliprdr: handle empty format names

    bmiklautz authored
    The recently added strdup checks ignored the fact that format names
    can be NULL.
  3. @hardening

    Merge pull request #2747 from ilammy/egfx-missing-events

    hardening authored
    Do not discard events when updating EGFX surface mapping
  4. @hardening

    Merge pull request #2758 from bmiklautz/fix/CreateProcess

    hardening authored
    CreateProcess misc fixes
  5. @bmiklautz

    CreateProcess: fix setting of default handler

    bmiklautz authored
    If SA_SIGINFO isn't set in the flags sa_handler is used
    instead of sa_sigaction.
    This fixes also the compiler warning:
    FreeRDP/winpr/libwinpr/thread/process.c: In function ‘_CreateProcessExA’:
    FreeRDP/winpr/libwinpr/thread/process.c:282:20: warning: assignment from
           incompatible pointer type [enabled by default]
  6. @bmiklautz

    CreateProcess: two fixes

    bmiklautz authored
    * change to lpCurrentDirectory if set even if no token was supplied
    * fix wrong check - add missing !
    This was part of akallabeth's PR #2714.
  7. @bmiklautz

    Merge pull request #2757 from nfedera/nf-fix-createprocess-signals

    bmiklautz authored
    winpr: fix CreateProcess signal handler issues
  8. @nfedera

    winpr: fix CreateProcess signal handler issues

    nfedera authored
    The calling thread of CreateProcess can be in any library and
    can have arbitrary signal masks and handlers.
    We now save the caller's mask and  block all signals before forking.
    After fork:
    - child resets the handlers and unblocks all signals.
    - parent restores the caller's original signal mask.
  9. @hardening

    Merge pull request #2754 from akallabeth/mixed_code

    hardening authored
    Fixed mixed declarations and code.
  10. @hardening

    Merge pull request #2750 from realjiangms/fix_win32_wsaevent

    hardening authored
    Fix event created for WSAEventSelect
Commits on Jul 1, 2015
  1. @bmiklautz

    Merge pull request #2753 from akallabeth/nla_null_auth_fix

    bmiklautz authored
    nla: Fixed handling of optional TSPasswordCreds field.
  2. @akallabeth
  3. @akallabeth

    NLA: Fixed length check.

    akallabeth authored
  4. @akallabeth
  5. @mfleisz

    Merge pull request #2752 from akallabeth/nla_user_length_fix

    mfleisz authored
    NLA decrypt credentials fixed.
  6. @akallabeth
  7. @nfedera

    Merge pull request #2738 from bmiklautz/ffuncs

    nfedera authored
    hardening: check fread and fwrite return values
  8. @bmiklautz

    Integrate pull request feedback

    bmiklautz authored
    * unify fwrite usage - set nmemb to 1 and the size to the size to write.
Commits on Jun 30, 2015
  1. @realjiangms

    Fix event created for WSAEventSelect: The event we pass to WSAEventSe…

    realjiangms authored
    …lect should be WSAEVENT instead of normal event.
    From MSDN, it looks same as CreateEvent(NULL, FALSE, FALSE, NULL):
    	The WSACreateEvent function creates a manual-reset event object with an initial state of nonsignaled. The event object is unnamed.
    However they are not really equivalent. When we use normal event, the WSAEventSelect still works but the event appears to be 'auto-reset'.
  2. @ilammy

    client/x11: do not discard events when updating EGFX surface mapping

    ilammy authored
    Passing True to XSync() discards any pending X11 events. Occasionally
    this caused ButtonRelease or KeyRelease to be lost and not forwarded
    to the remote computed, leading to stuck keys and buttons.
    This should resolve issue #2391
  3. @bmiklautz

    Merge pull request #2745 from mfleisz/fix_makecert

    bmiklautz authored
    makecert: Fix double free crashes
  4. @mfleisz
Commits on Jun 29, 2015
  1. @mfleisz

    makecert: Formatting

    mfleisz authored
  2. @mfleisz

    makecert: Add strdup checks

    mfleisz authored
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