dfreerdp fails to work in fullscreen mode #136

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When trying to execute a DirectFB session using either the X11 or fbdev system, the "dfreerdp -f" option always fails if the screen resolution in then ~/.directfbrc is equal to the native screen resolution set in X or Framebuffer mode.

Caught signal 11 (at 0x7f4338f66000, invalid permissions) <--

tried to execute with gdb to no avail!!

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@tmoore22: did fullscreen work in 0.x for dfreerdp? are you using the X11 backend, or the "real directfb"?


Not tried dfreerdp 0.x so far, will attempt and feedback the results..

Have tried both x11 and fbdev with full screen on dfreerdp and both fail. I did notice you pushed some changes so will re-test this evening.

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Changed label to feature, fullscreen never was officially supported in dfreerdp

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Moved to 1.1 branch.

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The directfb client isn't actively developed any more. Closing this for now.

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