TS Gateway Fix, Valgrind Cleanup, Asynchronous Mode (Experimental) #944

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TS Gateway:
base64 encoding was broken, breaking authentication for NTLM messages of a size matching size(msg) = 2 + 4*n. This means all the previous NTLM "fixes" weren't fixing anything, they were just changing the length of the message until some configuration gave a length that was properly encoded.

Spent some time cleaning up various valgrind complaints

Asynchronous mode:
Use +async-update and +async-input with xfreerdp to experiment with this mode. Updates are queued and dequeued asynchronously with a performance gain. However, there are still race conditions to be fixed, so it is not yet enabled by default.

awakecoding added some commits Jan 24, 2013
@awakecoding awakecoding libwinpr-utils: started implementing asynchronous MessageQueue fa30eea
@awakecoding awakecoding libwinpr-utils: test MessageQueue 470defa
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: added message queue stubs f92f48b
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: added message IDs 9ba0114
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: add default message post calls in message queue stubs 3c8c9aa
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: add message callback registration c14cf1e
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: implement message dequeuing c1d61ef
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: copy messages for asynchronous queuing c790158
@awakecoding awakecoding xfreerdp: add asynchronous dequeuing of graphical messages d8f8be1
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: free messages after calls c46074f
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: disable asynchronous mode for now f6080b0
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: fix check for null certificate abca3f8
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: added more RPC fault PDU error codes f3d4da3
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: fix memory leaks e1d0fad
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: fix server-side color depth negotiation d8afffd
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: add +async-update and +async-input command-line options 10a35a9
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: added input event queue 353376a
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-core: cleanup memory management of secondary orders a1f23d0
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-locale: added static Mac OS X keymap bc9d103
@awakecoding awakecoding Merge branch 'master' of github.com:FreeRDP/FreeRDP 22ecaa8
@awakecoding awakecoding libwinpr-sysinfo: fix hostname detection ed33ac8
@awakecoding awakecoding libwinpr-sspi: cleanup NTLM authenticate message construction 4a5bd85
@awakecoding awakecoding libwinpr-sspi: cleanup NTLM messages ff58650
@awakecoding awakecoding mfreerdp-server: merging with master a17ddee
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-crypto: fix base64 encoding, fix TS Gateway HTTPS authenti…
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-crypto: fix build on windows 51293f4
@awakecoding awakecoding libfreerdp-crypto: replace Base64 implementation 44bb105
@awakecoding awakecoding merged commit 71de03c into FreeRDP:master Jan 31, 2013
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