Build on Windows with Visual C 2010

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There are reports that you need 32 bit OpenSSL even on a 64 bit System, otherwise the build fails. Note that Visual Studio Express only build 32 bit binaries and cannot work with 64 bit dlls at all.

If you like working in a shell, get cygwin. You can also use cygwins git, but NOT the cmake that comes with cygwin

Obtaining the source

git clone git://

Preparing the build

From the command line, go to the directory where you pulled the sources and type

cmake .
Of course, you can also run cmake-gui that comes with the windows cmake install and point it to your sources. See Build options for a list of options you can specify.


In Visual Studio, open the FreeRDP project map and build it. It should build clean.

Plugin status

  • rdpdr disk, printer and smartcard plugin are actively developed and should be available soon (Sept. 2012)
  • cliprdr plugin lacks ~1000 lines of source and does not yet work, though it builds clean
  • Status of all other plugins is unknown
  • Command line has changed, see CommandLineInterface

Dev Snapshot

  • offical place is
  • Alternative Binaries from Huihong Luo are available here: This binary supports audio, RemoteFX and clipboard, but not the printer. Merging is in progress, please be patient