Added user survey, community links and fixed all deprecations warnings #734

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This pull request mainly add a user survey dialog that it'll be used to better understand our user base.

We want to collect some basic remmina preferences, like which protocol are used, just to better focus on our development priorities.

None of the collected data will be used for any other purpose (the php source code is available on request)

Beside the survey, I have added and modified our main community links in the Help menu and fixed some different issues like deprecations warnings, code cleaning (glib coding guidelines applied where possible), etc

@akallabeth @giox069

antenore and others added some commits Nov 24, 2015
@antenore antenore Primary user survey dialog b6d07aa
@antenore antenore survey checkbox ca464ab
@antenore antenore cleaning up 0bccb77
@antenore antenore User survey preliminary dialog 6f943ac
@antenore antenore Survey container 90a82cc
@antenore antenore Remmina survey webkit implmentation 2aad1e4
@antenore antenore Fixed regression on reparenting 6d5a8db
@antenore antenore Signal handler for close and submit 7654ede
@antenore antenore Signal connection 18a85f6
@antenore antenore webview settings to imporve privacy e68a068
@antenore antenore submit-form signal handler placeholder d329ed7
@antenore antenore Code cleaing, signal handling, form parsing and submit bd02f55
@giox069 @antenore giox069 RDP plugin now uses its own socket, thanks to FreeRDP/FreeRDP#2983/ 89092da
@giox069 @antenore giox069 Fix GtkSocket unrealize(), black screen on XDMCP plugin 69e050f
@antenore antenore Merge next in survey 31b0fa9
@antenore antenore Disabled wekit fullscreen mode af35814
@antenore antenore First survey implementation 79add1e
@antenore antenore Merge branch 'next' into survey 223c90e
@antenore antenore Survey reminder popup if profiles > 5 826b571
@antenore antenore uneeded functions 7f1f88b
@antenore antenore local url built from .remmina directory e0af463
@antenore antenore Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next' into survey 38bc70f
@antenore antenore Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/next' into survey 2975138
@antenore antenore fixed empty value 24c778f
@antenore antenore added tags to gitignore da06806
@antenore antenore NUll character inside format 7e8c6b4
@antenore antenore Merge branch 'next' into survey 921dd68
@antenore antenore Added UID, to identify uniquely a remmina installation 6a60bef
@antenore antenore Merge branch 'next' into survey 5fed74f
@antenore antenore Survey popup reminder child of remminamain 1c14046
@antenore antenore Merge branch 'next' into survey 3d46b0c
@antenore antenore unused variable 8c886f1
@antenore antenore fixed survey layout size 722906e
@antenore antenore Code cleaning d6da74d
@antenore antenore Wrong assignement to remmina_pref.uid and unused var 738fc63
@antenore antenore code cleaning 079e66a
@antenore antenore merge next into survey 8c5b5cd
@antenore antenore Changed old links a6a2a94
@antenore antenore freerdp library renamed to freerdp2 a9ca1d3
@antenore antenore Merge branch 'freerdpcmake' into survey 0f8268d
@antenore antenore fixing conglicts between next and survey 423699a
@antenore antenore Merge branch 'next' into survey 58ebbef
@antenore antenore Manually merged cmake delta for freerdp2 1618265
@antenore antenore Added LANG to user profile uid c0de5d7
@antenore antenore Add G+ community link 4f56277
@antenore antenore Added G+ help menu item 7121f24
@antenore antenore Start survey only if network is up 32ddd88
@antenore antenore Code cleaning and rewording ca7a367
@antenore antenore rollback b83e583 as by Gio request 0b33c5f
@antenore antenore Propose the survey only if the user have at least 1 profile 925d0f9
@antenore antenore profile validation and code cleaning 7ee7da6
@antenore antenore Git commit hash added to version
Now remmina version show something like "1.2.0-rcgit.8 (git 194cc9d)"

Having a git commit id helps to identify builds and eases

The downside is that GetGitRevisionDescription retriggers a cmake
re-configuration after each git commit. But thats the only way to get correct
version informations without having git hooks or similar.

GetGitRevisionDescription is based on Ryan Pavlik cmake Modules and @bmiklautz
patch 32390d7 in FreeRDP
@antenore antenore version command line option now open About dialog if remmina is active 200936b
@antenore antenore added build directory to .gitignore a7dc4f8
@antenore antenore header sorting as per glib coding guidelines 23be0c6
@antenore antenore header sort as per glib cod. guidelines af68260
@antenore antenore Date implementation 5b158e6
@antenore antenore fixed date format, to be tested with other locale 95a919e
@antenore antenore Using julian date to avoid locale issues ddfdbd3
@antenore antenore libssh and gdk_cursor deprecations warning dbd4752
@antenore antenore Do not use deprecated gtk_style_context_get_background_color () f2dec07
@antenore antenore merged deprecations fixes between survey and next c0a996d
@antenore antenore Merge branch 'next' into survey 9e7a461
@antenore antenore Setting survey to FALSE 621981b
@antenore antenore merged commit 4e7aa91 into next Jan 22, 2016

I'm going to merge, but if you have any critics to the code I'll be happy to fix them. Thanks!

@antenore antenore deleted the survey branch Jan 22, 2016
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