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Generic HTTP applications approach for PHP5.3+ (inspired by Rack and WSGI)

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AppServer, a set of components for building fast universal web-apps in PHP

Web server interface for PHP, inspired by Ruby’s Rack and Python’s WSGI. It provides a common API for connecting PHP frameworks and applications to webservers.

The main idea is, that your app, if built for this protocol, will be able to preload resources, preconnect to databases and response to requests really fast.

PHP 5.3+ is required, as it provides new garbage collector for cyclic references, which is critical for long-running apps.


You can get latest release using PEAR:

pear channel-discover
pear install indeyets/AppServer

Alternatively, you can install AiP with Composer.


Take a look at example.

  • MyApp.class.php — application class. "__invoke()" method is the entry point
  • aip.yaml — defines that this application should be served both as HTTP and SCGI

run with "aip app path/to/aip.yaml" command


Please join our discussion group

There's also #appserver-in-php IRC-channel on freenode

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