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Offst payment engine

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Offst is a decentralized payment infrastructure, relying on real world trust between people. See Offst's blog for more information.

Warning: Offst is still a work in progress, and is not yet ready for use in production.

Setting up development environment

Theoretically Offst should work anywhere Rust works (Windows, Linux, MacOS).


Also, we need the Rust development toolchain.

Install dependencies and toolchain

  • Install Rust development toolchain, we recommend rustup.
  • Install SQLite3:
    • On Ubuntu, run: sudo apt install libsqlite3-dev
    • On MacOS SQLite3 is part of the system
  • Install capnproto:
    • On Ubuntu, run: sudo apt install capnproto
    • On MacOS, run: brew install canpnp

Pinned toolchain version

We currently pin the version of Rust and clippy, the current version in use can be found in .travis.yml. We do this because things tend to break very often when using the latest nightly version.

To use a pinned rust toolchain with this project, run:

rustup override set nightly-YYYY-MM-DD

Where the current YYYY-MM-DD can be found by looking at .travis.yml.

To install clippy which matches the installed Rust toolchain, run:

rustup update
rustup component add clippy-preview