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// Name: ftp.h
// Purpose: FTP protocol
// Author: Vadim Zeitlin
// Modified by: Mark Johnson,
// 20000917 : RmDir, GetLastResult, GetList
// Created: 07/07/1997
// RCS-ID: $Id: ftp.h 45498 2007-04-16 13:03:05Z VZ $
// Copyright: (c) 1997, 1998 Guilhem Lavaux
// Licence: wxWindows licence
#include "wx/defs.h"
//#include "wx/sckaddr.h"
#include "wx/protocol/protocol.h"
#include "wx/url.h"
class WXDLLIMPEXP_NET RestartingFTP : public wxProtocol
virtual wxInputStream *GetInputStreamRestart(const wxString &path,int startPos=0);
enum TransferMode
NONE, // not set by user explicitly
virtual ~RestartingFTP();
// Connecting and disconnecting
void SetUser(const wxString& user) { m_user = user; }
void SetPassword(const wxString& passwd) { m_passwd = passwd; }
bool Connect(wxSockAddress& addr, bool wait = true);
bool Connect(const wxString& host);
// disconnect
virtual bool Close();
// Parameters set up
// set transfer mode now
void SetPassive(bool pasv) { m_bPassive = pasv; }
void SetDefaultTimeout(wxUint32 Value);
bool SetBinary() { return SetTransferMode(BINARY); }
bool SetAscii() { return SetTransferMode(ASCII); }
bool SetTransferMode(TransferMode mode);
// Generic FTP interface
// the error code
virtual wxProtocolError GetError() { return m_lastError; }
// the last FTP server reply
const wxString& GetLastResult() { return m_lastResult; }
// send any FTP command (should be full FTP command line but without
// trailing "\r\n") and return its return code
char SendCommand(const wxString& command);
// check that the command returned the given code
bool CheckCommand(const wxString& command, char expectedReturn)
return SendCommand(command) == expectedReturn;
// Filesystem commands
bool ChDir(const wxString& dir);
bool MkDir(const wxString& dir);
bool RmDir(const wxString& dir);
wxString Pwd();
bool Rename(const wxString& src, const wxString& dst);
bool RmFile(const wxString& path);
// Get the size of a file in the current dir.
// this function tries its best to deliver the size in bytes using BINARY
// (the SIZE command reports different sizes depending on whether
// type is set to ASCII or BINARY)
// returns -1 if file is non-existant or size could not be found
int GetFileSize(const wxString& fileName);
// Check to see if a file exists in the current dir
bool FileExists(const wxString& fileName);
// Download methods
bool Abort();
virtual wxInputStream *GetInputStream(const wxString& path);
virtual wxOutputStream *GetOutputStream(const wxString& path);
// Directory listing
// get the list of full filenames, the format is fixed: one file name per
// line
bool GetFilesList(wxArrayString& files,
const wxString& wildcard = wxEmptyString)
return GetList(files, wildcard, false);
// get a directory list in server dependent format - this can be shown
// directly to the user
bool GetDirList(wxArrayString& files,
const wxString& wildcard = wxEmptyString)
return GetList(files, wildcard, true);
// equivalent to either GetFilesList() (default) or GetDirList()
bool GetList(wxArrayString& files,
const wxString& wildcard = wxEmptyString,
bool details = false);
// this executes a simple ftp command with the given argument and returns
// true if it its return code starts with '2'
bool DoSimpleCommand(const wxChar *command,
const wxString& arg = wxEmptyString);
// get the server reply, return the first character of the reply code,
// '1'..'5' for normal FTP replies, 0 (*not* '0') if an error occurred
char GetResult();
// check that the result is equal to expected value
bool CheckResult(char ch) { return GetResult() == ch; }
// return the socket to be used, Passive/Active versions are used only by
// GetPort()
wxSocketBase *GetPort();
wxSocketBase *GetPassivePort();
wxSocketBase *GetActivePort();
// helper for GetPort()
wxString GetPortCmdArgument(const wxIPV4address& Local, const wxIPV4address& New);
// accept connection from server in active mode, returns the same socket as
// passed in in passive mode
wxSocketBase *AcceptIfActive(wxSocketBase *sock);
wxString m_user,
wxString m_lastResult;
wxProtocolError m_lastError;
// true if there is an FTP transfer going on
bool m_streaming;
// although this should be set to ASCII by default according to STD9,
// we will use BINARY transfer mode by default for backwards compatibility
TransferMode m_currentTransfermode;
friend class wxInputFTPStream;
friend class wxOutputFTPStream;
bool m_bPassive;
wxUint32 m_uiDefaultTimeout;
// following is true when a read or write times out, we then assume
// the connection is dead and abort. we avoid additional delays this way
bool m_bEncounteredError;
// the trace mask used by assorted wxLogTrace() in ftp code, do
// wxLog::AddTraceMask(FTP_TRACE_MASK) to see them in output
#define FTP_TRACE_MASK _T("ftp")
#endif // wxUSE_PROTOCOL_FTP
#endif // __WX_FTP_H__