Routing engine used in freemap
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Routing engine used in freemap. It is a OSRM with custom foot and bicycle profiles. Homepage is and it can be used at

Backend is currently available at port 443.

To use at your website, have a look at LRM


  • run in your $osrmdir (the last step needs to run as root)
  • create a PostGIS database, with access to schema public for a user
    • create a PostGIS function getz(point), which returns elevation of the point
  • after you've built the data, run deploy from daemon-scripts as root (it will install rc script for the daemon)
  • for your convenience, set up reverse proxy in your http daemon




  • foot profile: for urban walking and rural hiking
  • bicycle: city and trekking bicycle
  • car: default OSRM configuration
  • train, bus: special profiles for public transport routing
  • ski: downhill skiing using skilifts, gondolas and pistes
  • nordic: nordic skiing on piste:type=nordic

common features

  • all standard features done by OSRM plus:
  • take elevation into account (uphill is slower than downhill; uphill is avoided if possible)
  • route over highways that are relations only
  • preference of hiking/cycle routes: prefer ways that are a part of relations

foot profile features

  • avoid footways close to major roads (this makes generation of graf data very slow)
  • avoid ways in industrial areas
  • prefer ways in forrest
  • prefer ways close to touristic attractions