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IncludeWP, a leaderboard of the top open-source frameworks for WordPress plugin & theme developers.


Because code reusability is awesome!

Earlier this year (March 2016), the plugins review team issued a statement on that frameworks are no longer allowed in the official plugins repository. So... we decided to build a new cozy home for all frameworks, making it easier for developers to finds what's out there to reuse before starting to work on a new project.


Missing a framework here? Just fork the repo and add your framework as a {name}.php in the src/frameworks folder.

Make sure to follow the following rules:

  • Frameworks only: We only accept projects (frameworks, libs, SDKs) that other theme and plugin developers can include into their theme or plugin. One exception - we also accept starter themes and plugin boilerplates.
  • GPL Compatible License: The framework must be licensed with a GPL compatible license so plugins and themes that use it can be listed on
  • GitHub: The framework must have a public repository on GitHub that we can link to and pull in stats from.
  • Stick to the format: Fill out all the same fields as the other frameworks in src/frameworks.
  • (optional): If the framework is listed as a plugin on, please add a reference to the plugin's slug.
  • Short description: Keep the description for the overview page short and sweet. No need to mention it's a "framework" or adding "WordPress" in it. Please keep it informative, it's not a sales pitch :)
  • Thumbprint: If you want the framework to automatically list all plugins & themes from that are using it, you need to provide a unique combination of a file name and a string, which we'll use for identification. The string should appear in the specified file. If you are adding a starter theme, make sure that the thumbprint is not changed when implementing the theme.

Running locally

IncludeWP is built on pure PHP and JavaScript so it should be working out of the box.

If you'd like to keep the GitHub stats and framework screenshots up to date, you should execute cronjobs/weekly-update.php on a weekly basis. Before you do that, you'll need to update includes/config.php with your keys/tokens:

  1. Sign-up for a free account via Page2Images and set PAGE_2_IMAGES_REST_KEY & PAGE_2_IMAGES_KEY with your keys.
  2. Create your personal GitHub token and set GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN with the token.

What do we use?




IncludeWP is built and maintained with by Freemius -- Analytics, Monetization and Marketing Automation platform for WordPress theme & plugin developers.

A big shout out to Luca Fracassi from Addendio, a search engine for WordPress plugins & themes, who helped us detecting on which WordPress plugins/themes frameworks are being used.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

About, A leaderboard of top open-source frameworks for WordPress plugin & theme developers. Because code reusability is awesome!







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