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Freemius PHP SDK

This SDK is a wrapper for accessing the API. It handles the endpoint's path and authorization signature generation.

As a plugin or theme developer using Freemius, you can access your data via the developer scope or plugin scope. If you only need to access one product, we recommend using the plugin scope. You can get the product's credentials in SETTINGS -> Keys. If you need to access multiple products, use the developer scope. To get your credentials, click on My Profile at the top right menu and you'll find it in the Keys section.

  define( 'FS__API_SCOPE', 'developer' );
  define( 'FS__API_DEV_ID', 1234 );
  define( 'FS__API_PUBLIC_KEY', 'pk_YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY' );
  define( 'FS__API_SECRET_KEY', 'sk_YOUR_SECRET_KEY' );
  // Init SDK.
  // Get all products.
  $result = $api->Api('/plugins.json');
  // Load 1st product data.
  $first_plugin_id = $result->plugins[0]->id;
  $first_plugin = $api->Api("/plugins/{$first_plugin_id}.json");
  // Update title.
  $api->Api("/plugins/{$first_plugin_id}.json", 'PUT', array(
    'title' => 'My New Title',
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