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Show modal window after product added to cart
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FOC Add2Cart box

Module replaces default opencart add to cart notification and scroll to up script with modal window. You can customize modal content with your own template.

Modal window example

Templates uses simple variable interpolation, using format: {{ variableName }} or {{variableName}}

Builtin variables

There are bunch of builtin template variables, you can use in your templates:

variable description
continue_btn Will be replaced with customizable continue button
site_name Site name
site_logo Site logo
site_phone Site phone
url_home Url to main page
url_cart Url to product cart
url_checkout Url to checkout page
url_history Url to order history page
url_wishlist Url to wishlist page
url_voucher Url to voucher page
url_contact Url to contact page
url_manufacturer Url to manufacturers page
url_specials Url to special offers page

Custom animation

You can use your own animations for modal window with css transitions.

Zoom in/out example:

.foc-add2cart-box-popup {
  opacity: 0;
  transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out;
  transform: scale(0.8);
.mfp-bg {
  opacity: 0;
  transition: all 0.3s ease-out;
.mfp-ready .foc-add2cart-box-popup {
  opacity: 1;
  transform: scale(1);
.mfp-ready.mfp-bg {
  opacity: .7;
.mfp-removing .foc-add2cart-box-popup {
  transform: scale(0.8);
  opacity: 0;
.mfp-removing.mfp-bg {
  opacity: 0;

Also, please check other animation examples by Dmitry Semenov here. You can easily use any of them to customize modal look and feel.

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