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Gluttonberg – A Content Management System

This is an open source content management system being developed by
Freerange Future

Our basic philosophy for this CMS is that it shouldn’t try to be everything
to everybody. Rather, it should provide the basic components needed for
content management, a small and simple API for additional components,
authentication etc. and otherwise just stay out of the way.

Most importantly, you should be able to extend it with custom code on a
per-project basis without it making you cry.

It’s built on top of Merb and DataMapper. It is not ORM-agnostic and will
never be. Soz :)

Learning More

We have the beginnings of a roadmap in the Git repo. It’s stored in the design
directory. You can read it online at github.
It describes the basic philosophy behind the project and then details the
planned implementation for it’s various features


Firstly, YES PLEASE :) We’ve got a whole bunch of good ideas for developing
this CMS and would love to have other people pitch in. Commit access is given
freely, no questions asked.

If you’re interested, send a message to lukesutton through Github.

Any bugs can be posted on our lighthouse project.