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This is an open source content management system being developed by Freerange Future (www.freerangefuture.com)

The first rule for this CMS is that it shouldn’t try to be everything to everybody. Rather, it should provide the basic components needed for content management, a small and simple API for additional components, authentication etc. and otherwise just stay out of the way.

One problem with most existing CMSs is the need to customise them for each client. Those CMSs that do allow for customisations usually use plugins. This approach sucks. It boils down to this; you’re limited to what the plugin API gives you. This makes it really hard to do any complex customisations. Often you might find yourself hacking the actual CMS code to do what you need. That’s a maintenance nightmare, especially when you need to update an installation with the latest version of the CMS.

The answer is to make the CMS itself into a plugin. This leaves you free to write any application code you want to, while still having access to the CMS functionality via an API. Merb-Slices gives us 99% of what we need here.

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If you’re interested in contributing to the project just ask. Access to the project is given freely, no questions asked. Just message lukesutton via GitHub.

Aside from code, we’re also interested in any bug reports or suggestions, so if you have anything to note, feel free to add it to our Lighthouse account

If you have any questions, problems or just generally want to contribute, we also have a Google Group which you are free to subscribe to.

But What Does it Look Like?

At the moment, it looks a fair bit like this. This of course is just a mockup, but the version running looks pretty much the same minus some of the gloss. Admittedly at this point it’s mainly eye-candy, but we’re serious about developing an administration interface that is simple, clean and easily extended. For example extensibility is our reason for choosing a vertically oriented menu — components can be added without disturbing the layout.

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