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Requirements in Steam integration

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DreadKnight commented Dec 8, 2012 edited

The Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) could be used in order to allow Ancient Beast to behave like a desktop app.

Some of the possible advantages:

  • downloadable app
  • reduced bandwidth usage
  • offline play
  • allowing inclusion of AB in the Ubuntu Software Center (USC), which would provide more exposure
  • easier distribution of project as a file (or zip), handy in some situation
  • more refined settings of the "browser" in order to increase performance
  • bundled plugins to facilitate gameplay
  • make sure things work properly even if the players use lots of different browsers (compatibility)

So even if it's a browser based game requiring internet connection, this would provide with an answer to the often asked "where can I download the game?" question.

Chrome now also allows for Packaged Apps

Alternative options:

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DreadKnight commented Jan 10, 2013

There are also packed apps
but they still require having Chrome/Chromium installed.


DreadKnight commented Mar 6, 2013

The CEF version should be suggested in an extra screen to Firefox users that are trying to play the game.


DreadKnight commented Jul 14, 2013

Another thing worth looking into added to the list


Nehmulos commented Jul 14, 2013

Something similar to node-chrome:
I already deployed some small projects with node-webkit and I would recommend it.
It's pretty easy and can be done mostly through json config files.
I don't know how good it is compared to node-chrome though.


DreadKnight commented Jul 15, 2013

Thanks for the suggestion @Nehmulos
I think it looks way better than node-webkit and it seems to be actively developed, so I'm adding it to the list.
We'll probably end up using node.js for the multiplayer part anyway.


DreadKnight commented Jul 15, 2013

Only downside I can think of is that Chrome is switching to it's own fork of webkit sigh. Might have did so already, I think it's called Blink. I'm not very sure about yet another rendering engine, but it might be for the best if it allows the Chrome (OS) project to move faster and get even better.


ghost commented Oct 26, 2013

I'll just leave this here.


DreadKnight commented Oct 26, 2013

That looks really great, definitely a worthy option, and it also very inspiring website, so big thanks for sharing, @evropi


DreadKnight commented Oct 27, 2013

TideSDK is dead, long live TideKit!
It's supposed to launch soon, so I'll add it to the list anyway.


DreadKnight commented May 15, 2014

Added Atom Shell to the list used by the Github's Atom editor.


DreadKnight commented May 31, 2014

A big issue with making the game as a downloadable app is that it's using php for quite a bit of stuff, like for cards or building a list of tracks. The cards.php file could be recoded as a js file, while the list of tracks could be made into a manual json file, which is less automatic and requiring more maintenance, but a php script could be made to generate the json file with the complete track list.

@DreadKnight DreadKnight added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 10, 2014

@DreadKnight DreadKnight allow local jQuery
progress for playing offline or having a downloadable app #158

DreadKnight commented Feb 4, 2016

Seems a few of the projects died since, so I've curated the alternative options list and added websites.

DreadKnight added to Requirements in Steam integration Mar 30, 2017


DreadKnight commented May 7, 2017

It seems that a lot of people complain about Electron's big memory footprint, the solution to that might be here - I really need to revamp the initial post.


ktiedt commented May 7, 2017

Any solution should be straight forward across all platforms... this isnt any of those currently and I've not seen disk size being much of a concern for applications these days... which appears to be the largest upside advertised by electrino... not memory footprint.

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