Gradle plugin for compiling Frege projects
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Frege Gradle Plugin

This is the official Gradle plugin to compile Frege projects ( See the example project ( for examples on the usage of this plugin.

Plugin Application

The gradle plugin portal page for Frege documents how to apply the Frege plugin (

For applying the plugin in all Gradle versions use:

buildscript {
  repositories {
    maven {
      url ""
  dependencies {
    classpath ""

apply plugin: "org.frege-lang"

To apply the plugin using the new incubating, plugin mechanism (since Gradle 2.1), add:

plugins {
  id "org.frege-lang" version "0.8"


This plugin creates the following tasks:

  • fregeRepl

  • fregeQuickCheck

  • fregeDoc

  • fregeNativeGen

  • compileFrege

  • compileTestFrege

The plugin adds dependencies so that using the build task is typically all that is required to invoke the compileFrege and compileTestFrege tasks. These task dependencies include:

  • classes → compileFrege → compileJava

  • testClasses → compileTestFrege → compileTestJava

  • test → fregeQuickCheck → testClasses

Task Help

TODO: Add options and descriptions for each task above.

Continuous Integration

The Travis CI build of this repository is at


Snapshot releases are available from the Sonatype repository at