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The first value of iterate is before the function is called

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@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ clear and obvious.
* Again, we have a list comprehension. We get a list of `x` values but we only need the first element, the `head`.
* The `x` comes from an `(x,y)` pair where `x == y`.
* The `(x,y)` pair is drawn from a list of pairs of cosine values.
* The `cosines` are an _infinite_ list of cosine values that starts with `cos 1.0` and then `iterate`s to `cos(cos(1.0))`, `cos(cos(cos(1.0)))`, and so forth.
* The `cosines` are an _infinite_ list of values that starts with `1.0` and then `iterate`s to `cos(1.0)`, `cos(cos(1.0))`, `cos(cos(cos(1.0)))`, and so forth.
* Please note that the `=` signs do _not_ denote assignment but a definition. There are no assignment in Frege!
* The `pairsOf` function works on any list of values to create pairs of any adjacent values.
It uses `zip`, which is an often-used construction for this task, but the details are not relevant here.

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