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Features & Enhancements

Updated May 10, 2018

Proposed features likely to get implemented Very Soon Now


Updated May 10, 2018
  • Make interesting JAVA APIs accessible.
  • Implement Haskellish libraries
  • Compatibility Issues Haskell/Frege as far as it concerns libraries.

Build tools, distributions, etc.

Updated Apr 13, 2018

Maintain the currently existing tools. Use more recent versions of Frege. Care about SDKMAN and/or other distributions.


Updated Apr 12, 2018

keep the documentation updated

Rework of Native Interface

Updated May 11, 2018

They way the native interface works now, it gives incentive to generate a huge Frege file with all the native definitions. This file is hard to maintain, and the more one maintains it, the more unlikely it becomes to regenerate it (i.e. with a new version of native-gen).

The obvious solution is to do the work of native-gen in the compiler itself. Thus, only those definitions that are really needed are created, and errors get corrected early on.

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