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jedit-support removing trunk directory
keyboard removing trunk directory
ultraedit-support removing trunk directory eliminate warnings and hints eliminate warnings and hints minor typo make dining work reliably correct array usage of examples eliminate pattern match warnings eliminate warnings and hints example for type checker indicating an infinite loop unlock 2 problems minor typos in comments move (!!) to Data.List remove 'unused import' hints correct array usage of examples remove unused imports whitespace polish up examples cosmetic changes show contexts only in front of the whole type remove 'unused import' hints remove 'unused import' hints updated/added examples used for a blog article update to compile correct infix definitions use forever instead of recursive loop cosmetic changes further map tests extensive documentation of Data.JSON adapted to use the latest TreeMap features fix glitch: the function rint has a Double result use MicroParsec now two new examples fixing the record-syntax example wrt constructor decomposition eliminate warnings and hints with a quick check property adapt lib, examples and tests for TreeMap make celsius converter work provisionally make inlining possible nicer output example beautification remove 'unused import' hints
euler-sudoku.txt removing trunk directory
top95.txt removing trunk directory
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