Frege for Web Applications

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There are multiple ways to create web applications with Frege.

  • bare-bones Java Servlet support
  • creating REST services with sparkjava plus DB access and view technology options
  • full-stack webapps through Grails integration

Servlet Support

Fregelet makes the Servlet API accessible from Frege.

Marimuthu has written a blog post on how to do this.

This approach is also used in the online repl and the respective code can be found here.

REST APIs with Spark, DB, templating, and Angular

The Frege-Spark integration is available here consisting of chinook for the REST access, sirocco for database access, and diablo for html templating.

A full stack approach with views in Angular is provided by rayokota.

Grails integration

The Grails plugin is used here in order to implement a Frege tic-tac-toe game.

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