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Available in Prelude

Available in main distro

  • QuickCheck
  • NanoParsec
  • MicroParsec
  • Swing
  • JSON
  • Stream
  • Tree, TreeMap, HashMap

Available elsewhere

Haskell Libraries

Haskell contains several libraries:

TODO: document the state of each library above.

Top 10

TODO: Document the 10 most important libraries to be addressed.

Common Libraries

These libraries will be needed in various application domains. TODO: Document in which lib they should belong to.

Category Comment Notable Haskell libs
Concurrency stm, async
Testing quickcheck
Data Structures
Benchmarking criterion
Parsing / pretty printing parsec
Streams conduit, pipes, io-streams, machines
Serialization binary, cereal
File Formats json, csv, xml
Package management
IDE hoogle, hlint, intellij, eclipse

Application Domain Libraries

Category Comment Notable Haskell Libs
Foreign Language Interface
Compilers Parsec libs in distro parsec
Server side warp/wai, scotty, spock, yesod
Scripting shelly, turtle, cmdargs
Numerical Computing accelerate, rep
Distributed programming distributed-process, aws
GUI/Frontend FregeFX ghcjs, haste
Machine Learning HLearn
Game Programming Helm, gl, sdl
Systems & Embedded
Data Science


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