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2019-11-09 6.0.11 (devel)
-------------------------------------------------- - more improvments
openwrt - update 18.06 and 19.07 (different targets)
openvpn - add support to upload openvpn.conf file
when this file contains all certificates
2019-07-30 6.0.9 (testing)
18.06.2 - update openwrt, rename lede to openwrt
gui-contact - add way to click into the map to set marker
gui-network - add switch status
gui-processes - display process tree
wifi - prepare 5GHz support
build scripts - improve build script, add build.json for configuration
upload scripts - integrate upload scripts to generate directory structure for download server
lte - add target GL.iNet gl-mifi (lte router)
gui-lte - add minimal SIM-Card / modem configuration
sysinfo - add network interface connection status
mobile geoloc - add automatic location update
gateway detection - fix gateway detection
gui meshviewer - add link to meshviewer
2019-01-19 5.0.5 (release)
Repro moved from github/ddmesh to github/freifunk-dresden
2018-09-19 5.0.5 (release)
statistic - add wifi2 statistic for 1min,5min,15min,1h,6h,12h,24h,1W
2018-09-19 5.0.4 (testing)
statistic - fix counting of wifi clients
upgrade - add missing upgrade function for version 3.1.9
2018-08-29 5.0.3 (testing)
registration - fix adding preferred node to registration url
GUI - improve texts (Diego)
wifi2 - add support for fix ip range, needed for portforwarding to wifi clients
wifi3 - turn around configuration logic for wifi encryption
- fix ssid encoding
ddns - fix problem with default settings genererated by ddns script. This setting was not updated when domain name is changed by user
reset - fix reset with factory settings
2018-05-13 5.0.2 (testing)
gui-map - set default gps coordinates
DSGVO - add text for DSGVO (Datenschutz Grundverordnung)
Wifi - remove unneeded dhcp lease configuration (solves problem with
invalid statistic for number of clients
2018-03-1 4.2.19 (testing)
gui-map - replace google maps with openstreatmap (leaflet)
booting - support devices which must be flashed in two steps
(initramfs-kernel.bin + sysupgrade.tar)
UBNT EdgeRouter-X
bmxd - remove unused HNA, dynamic plugin loading (saves flash memory)
- fix crash when using -d4/7/9 options
wifi2 - add option to configure isolation
meshing - separate lan and wan meshing to allow connecting different
freifunk networks without forwarding private network
2018-02-1 4.2.18 (testing)
lede update - Lede 17.01 (3.February 2018)
wifi - add option to create 'open' private wifi
2018-01-1 4.2.17 (testing)
firmware upgrade - fix firewall upgrade
gui-wifi - fix formular check
2017-10-1 4.2.16 (testing)
dhcp server - delete dhcp server config (lan) to disable server
factory reset - fix factory reset for x86 non-jffs2 overlay file systems
private wifi - prepare encrypted wifi (WPA2-PSK) bridged with lan/wan
gui-progress-bar - implement javascript progress bar (remove animated gif)
factory reset - fix not working factory reset
firmware download - switch to new "download.json" to get all needed data for
nightly update and manual update from within firmware
(remove hardcoded filenames)
sysinfo.json - add link type to neighours (bmxd --links)
- add "auto update" info
statistic - separate input/output/forward statistic
2017-10-1 4.2.10 (testing)
firmware upgrade - fix upgradeing credentials
firewall/network - reduce firewall rules by creating one mesh zone and add tbb-fastd, wifi and meshwire
to it
syslog - remove issues where syslog has displayed errors
openvpn with certificates from Freifunk Berlin e.V. not working
2017-10-1 4.2.9 (testing)
lede support - for needed changes to support lede
passwd - factory resetted device can be accessed without passwort (instead default password)
dnsmasq - has still problems, Please specifiy second DNS in "Verwaltung-System" with
as workaround
sysupgrade - fix problem with sysupgrade where no firmware could be loaded via gui.
please load software paket fix_428.. to fix firmware update via gui when upgrading from
4.2.8 if needed.
gui-firmware update - disable download button if no newer version is present (prevent downgrade issues)
openvpn with certificates from Freifunk Berlin e.V. not working
2017-09-12 4.2.8
lede support - add lede support for ar71xx and x86
lede gui - change color of info bar to blue (also for better reading)
hotplug - correct usage of hotplug event for wifi interface (adding interface to bmxd)
boot - lede: correct waiting for wifi interface before setting up firewall
dnsmasq - move from plain config to uci-config
gui-sysinfo - correct displaying free memory
2017-08-06 4.2.6 Development state (NOT stable)
bugfix booting - wait for wifi before firewall setup
restart-gui - reconfigure hardware option added (needed for x86 Futro S550 with wifi usb stick)
2017-08-06 4.2.5 Development state (NOT stable)
openwrt - upgrade to 15.05
sysinfo - correct dhcp count
sysinfo - new version (add essid, reorder statistic, bmx links, traffic shaping)
sysinfo - add email notification and splash
sysinfo - via http://.../sysinfo.json
statistic - use iptables to collect statisitc (instead reading data from interfaces)
httpd - increment timeout to 600s
firmware upgrade - update filenames for new supported devices
firmware upgrade - fix version check
firmware upgrade - auto firmware update or gui firmware update uses https and certificate check
register node - node registration uses https and certificate check. this ensures secure transfer of registration information
register node - replace registration api with json (preferred gw, netid)
opkg - add opkg https support (via wget->uclient-fetch) to ensure packet integrity
gui-nodes - display gateways before node list
gui-wlan scan - colorize wlan scan result
gui-restart - separate firmware upgrade and reboot/reset
gui-wan - fix wan configuration: display static settings or dhcp data
gui-speedtest - change to node number
gui-system - add configuration for node type (mobile,router,server)
gui-wifi - display used wifi transmit power (supported by hardware)
gui-contact - add geolocation support
portforwarding - update portforwarding for WAN interface if wan is configured with dhcp and lan cable is inserted later
backbone - use new fastd version 18+
network - bridge: enable Spanning Tree Protocol to avoid loops
network - fix problem where openwrt removes all ip rules
network-mtu(privnet) - fix mtu problem with private network
network-mtu(fastd) - reduce fastd mtu to 1200 for some ISP (new port 5002)
network meshing - add support for LAN/WAN meshing
wifi - restrict wifi data rates to 6Mbit/s (add config to reduce wife data rate)
OOM Killer - security-fix: reboot device when running out of memory instead of killing applications
gateway-check - change ip addresses that are used to check internet connection. now freifunk server are used to
allow situations where internet provider only allows internet connections to freifunk server
firewall - add source ip checks to prevent fake source ip attacks
bmxd - reduce gateway changes
wifi-watchdog - add wifi background scan to fix issues when wifi is dead
webserver - move from openssl to polarssl to save 300kbyte flash memory
openvpn - move from openssl to polarssl to save 300kbyte flash memory
openvpn - avoid creating openvpn connection via freifunk gateway (bat0)
speedtest - move from nuttcp to iperf3
support new device - Futron S550: x86 target, usb-wlan stick (adhoc only), tcpdump, openvpn-polarssl
2016-Jan-17 4.2.2
traffic shaping - correct traffic shaping when using computer at LAN
sysinfo - prepare sysinfo-json every minute and just return generated data via webserver to reduce loading time
watchdog - add bmxd watchdog
wifi - add functionality to ignore node connections via wifi and prefere lan/backbone connections between routers
firewall - add port forwarding to WAN
openvpn - avoid endless openvpn re-init if openvpn connections failes
mesh-mtu - fix backbone connection lost errors (MTU value, TCP MMS)
backbone - replace vtund with fastd
private network - replace vtund with fastd
gui:konfiguration - add loading/saving konfiguration inclusive reinstalling packages
gui:Knoten ingoriern - now use node number instead of ip address
gui:https - change configuration page link "Verwalten" to https
dns - add configuration option for a second DNS
2015-Mar-09 3.1.9
essid - add separator and fix spaces in essid
OVPNCert - add support for cyberghost vpn
openvpn - fix possible interface name conflicts
bmxd - fix crash when adding a lot of tunnel devices
passwd - move passwd default passwd check to header line (always displayed)
gui - move scripts to separate directory not accessable from webdir
gateway-check - restart openvpn in case link is active but dead
sysinfo-json - remove private dns ip to hide private ip address range
2015-Jan-28 3.1.8 (testing)
openwrt - update revision
bmxd - resolve internet gateway problems
gateway selection - add configuration to set preferred gateway
watchdog - add watchdog to reboot router (wifi stopps working on TP-Link TL-WDR4300 v1)
wifi - uses same adhoc essid for all routers "Freifunk Mesh-Net"
passwd - add note if password has not be changed
syslog-json - add bmxd status info
node registration - enable continues node registration from auto setup
dns - add freifunk internal dns support
wifi2 ip range - increment ip dhcp range up to 1022 hosts per node
gui: firewall - some improvments when displaying firewall rules
2015-Jan-28 3.1.7 (testing)
OPENWRT 14.07 - move to new openwrt branch (support more routers), changes majore version number
dhcp - change dhcp lease to 5min default
gui-dhcp - add settings for dhcp lease
wifi - isolate wifi clients
sysinfo - add network connections
gui-log - add network connection to logs
syslog - add remote syslog
sysinfo-json - add timestamp, model, board_name
announce gateway - correct announcing own gateway
LED-boot state - show boot status
LED-freifunk state - wifi led shows freifunk/gateway state
firmware upgrade - add firmware file name and firmware download function
nightly bmxd restart - add workaround for problem within routing protocoll bmxd, where it may happen that connection
to gateway is not created
firmware auto update - nightly check for new firmware version and auto update added
2014-Nov-10 (2.1.5)
sysinfo - use cached internet tunnel info if present
routing - only accept freifunk ip ranges (no internet ips), protect against HNA redirecting
2014-Nov-01 (2.1.4)
firewall - fix problems when some nodes are not reachable
wifi - change back to HT20. HT40 not suitable for adhoc in mesh network
2014-Oct-20 (2.1.3)
internal - new node number calulation
bmxd - change routing protocoll daemon.
to fix some routing/gateway instabilities
use primary/non-primary interfaces and different IPs
gui: node number - display node number in "Nodes" view
gui: gateway info - add gateway infos/statistic
gui: status bar - add device name
sysinfo - add gateway statistic
wifi 11ng - switch to 11ng to get support for MIMO and higher data rates
2014-Aug-02 (2.1.2)
license - correct license text (now GPL3)
gui-gateways - show available and selected gateway
bmxd - enable two-way gateway tunnel
2014-July-14 (2.1.1)
custom splash - change of logo possible; solve problems with links to different media
gui - minor text corrections
splash - add configuration to disable splash
splash url - add support to include html code from other webservers (no images)
license text - simple language support. set via HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE
2014-July-12 (2.1.0)
wifi - max 32 characters for essid
wifi - remove antenna setting (always use mimo)
autodisconnect - fix setting of disconnect time
sysinfo-json - routing table
splash - remove deadlock
webserver - new version uhttpd (hopefully solves hanging on port 81)
internal/gui - add suport for Meisen
software packets- add support to install software packages
upgrade history - display firmware upgrade history
internal/upgrade- correct bootconfig/upgrade process
custom splash - correct display of flash usage for custom html
splash - workround for Microsoft Phone 8
2014-May-21 (2.0.07)
traffic shaping - initial added
splash - splash screen: mobile layout;
splash - custom html support
splash - usage rules, pico agreement
splash - storage of mac addresses
auto disconnect - allows to disconnect wifi clients after some time
firewall - some firewall fixes
gui - firewall shortcut for SPLASH users
gui - https/http information
gui - version info at footer
license/copyright - openwrt license, copy right information added
sysinfo - system info request support added, to allow to build topology graph, collect statistics
backbone - avoid backbone connection via wifi
log - fix dhcp log
gui - remove bmxd ajax, which was the reason for bmxd crashes
gui - change http GET request to POST request (only all POST formulars) for security reasons
internal - file upload clean up
internal - version upgrade processing added
2013-Nov-05 (2.0.2) test version 002
firewall - security fix; add ports for speedtest
gui - add tx power check
wlan - correct regional domain (DE)
sysinfo - add missing data
2013-Okt-26 (2.0.1) test version 001
firewall - correct forwarding (node2node)
2013-Okt-24 (2.0.0) test version 001
openwrt - port from whiterussian to openwrt 12.09 / 10.03
backbone - remove 172er network (uses now wifi network ip range)
2013-Mar-14 (1.6.36-dd2.4d)
ddmesh_ipcalc - change ip range to (because of conflicts with Graz)
- change ip calulation to support up to 63 dhcp clients (15 previously)
google-maps - add random number to google maps url to always have uptodate map (google caches url requests with kmz data files)
2012-Feb-12 (1.6.36-dd2.3d)
firewall - reworked (one file)
splash - change checkbox position
register - add automatic registration. No need to ask for project/node number.
node number - change project/node number to global node number (independed of location)
dnsmasq - dns resolution changed to remove patched clibc
- configuration changed to resolve router host names ( (if router has connection via freifunk network to
json - add json-info support
webinterface - add ajax support
- automatic register of router on (remove easy setup page)
- move some pages to admin area
- add flush to have web pages updated in real time during some admin operations
- reordering of web menu
- add some configuration switches to enable/disable access to admin area from freifunk network or wan (see "System")
vpn - fix routing problem by using a separate public ip for
ddmesh_ipcalc - router ip calculation implemented as lua script
hotspot list - hotspot list on shows contact data stored in each node.
- email address in this list displayed as image
ipkg - change handling of ipkg
tool:speedtest - simple speed test function added to check connection speed to other routers
auto-setup - easy setup replaces by auto-setup (automatic node registration if it has access to via internet or freifunk network)
backbone - add indicator if a backbone connection is active
private network - add indicator if private network connection is active
2009-Jun-11 (1.6.36-dd2.2)
dnsmasq-log - disable logging to syslog, which makes the syslog unusable
webinterface - status line shows currently selected internet gateway
toplology - support corrected to detect nodes with internet connection correctly
bmxd - update of routing deamon
2009-Feb-23 (1.6.36-dd2.1)
KIT - uses version 1.6.36 to generate firmware
webinterface - icons added, wlan scan beautified
vtun - slow tincd replaced by vtun (backbone,private network)
private network - support to create a vpn connection between lan ports of different routers via freifunk net
gateway check - fixed a bug where gateway of a route was not detected every time
software list - "Software (Packetliste)" does only show well tested packets provided by freifunk dresden
System packages are not removable (button removed)
splash - check added for ip addresses that where not provided by dhcp server (message is displayed)
easy setup - enables mini_fo by default, to overwrite old settings from different firmwares
auto dns - fixes a bug while setting dns server by batmand (batmand,
display nodes - clean up node display. quality is displayed for all nodes, IPs are only links if they belong to 10er network
display hna - only nodes that have real hna are displayed
easy setup - resets password to "admin"
RTS/CTS - uses new settings for RTS/CTS (from freifunk berlin nord ost)
batmand-bmxd - batmand (pthread-version) replaced by batman-experimental (thread-less), no need for pthread library
www-links - www links updated
2008-Jul-05 (1.6.28-dd1.10)
https - xrelayd added to support https
google maps - google maps from now accessible from firmware (if inet present)
splash - autoclean bugfix (splash was displayed (mac removed) while dhcp was refreshed and active
md5 - md5 generating corrected for firmware download at
2008-Jun-04 (1.6.28-dd1.9d)
batmand - auto DNS detect added. this is needed to make configuration of DNS easier
2008-Jun-04 (1.6.28-dd1.9c)
firewall - backbone port for WANDEV enabled (INPUT), depending on if backbone is enabled
2008-Mai-24 (1.6.28-dd1.9b)
DNS - fix DNS server for pppoed and dhcp for internet lan connection
batmand - fix where batman ignores the backbone interface if connection was disabled
batmand - fix for gateway connection if backbone connection was brocken
2D Barcode - added 2D Barcode
2008-Apr-06 (1.6.28-dd1.9a)
splash - fix for stored mac addresses. Are now restored at boot time
firewall - some firewall changes and fixes to access internet from lan
routing - avoid routing of private ip ranges
2008-Mrz-28 (1.6.28-dd1.9)
splash - accept screen now displays images
batmand - rev1023 bugfixes for memory leak when routing class changes
dnsmasq - udhcpd replaced by dnsmasq (dhcp,dns)
dns - router acts as dns server for client
linux kernel - firmware generated from kit 1.6.28 which contains some fixes when many network connections are active
dhcp log - dhcp log added to web interface
2008-Mrz-7 (1.4.5-dd1.8h) RC2 - backbone
backbone - firewall fix that has blocked batmand messages
webif - routing throw entries removed
2008-Feb-20 (1.4.5-dd1.8g) RC1 - batmand,firewall,gps
Diese Firmware ist als Release Candidate eingestuft. Treten keine Probleme auf, so wird diese als offizielle Version auf v 1.9 gesetzt
batmand - Fehler behoben, Backbone kann jetzt genutzt werden
firewall - firewall regel angepasst, damit über das backbone dns Antworten empfangen werden können
gps - GPS Koordinaten können jetzt bei den Kontaktinfos eingetragen werden, ohne das man über EasySetup gehen muss, bei der verschiedene
Einstellungen zurück gesetzt werden.
2008-Feb-13 (1.4.5-dd1.8f) Testfirmware - pppoe,dyndns
pppoe und dyndns funktioniert. batmand hat immer noch Probleme wenn das
Backbone aktiv ist. Wenn beim Backbone keine Verbindung zustande kommt,
bleibt batmand irgendwann stehen.
2008-Feb-13 - changelog datei ausversehen gelöscht
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