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Intermediate and Advanced RxSwift
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RxSwift intermediate & advanced classroom

This repository contains all the resources needed to attend the “RxSwift intermediate & advanced” classroom at FrenchKit 2017.


You are expected to have already learned the basics of RxSwift. Our class will focus on intermediate and advanced level techniques.

The required tools are:

  • The last stable version of Xcode 9 (as of today: Xcode 9.0 GM). You can download it here.
  • Alternately, the last stable of Xcode 8 (Xcode 8.3.3)


If you have any question about this, feel free to ask us during the classroom or after during the whole conference.

Your hosts for this classroom are:

Florent Pillet, co-author or the RwSwift book from Ray Wenderlich. I'm @fpillet on Twitter

Many thanks to the support mates:

Jérémie Girault (@kamidude on Twitter) Hugues Bernet-Rollande (@rompelstilchen on Twitter)

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