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FreshRSS extensions

This repository contains all the official FreshRSS extensions.

To install an extension, download the extension archive first and extract it on your PC. Then, upload the specific extension(s) you want on your server. Extensions must be in the ./extensions directory of your FreshRSS installation.

Third-party extensions

There are some FreshRSS extensions out there, developed by community members:

By @kevinpapst, Web

  • Dilbert: Display your daily Dilbert comic in FreshRSS directly
  • Teem: Display videos from the skydiving website inline

By @oYoX, Web

  • Keep Folder State: Stores the state of the folders locally and expand them automatically if necessary.
  • Fixed Nav Menu: (desktop) Sets the position of the navigation menu to fixed when scrolling down.
  • Mobile Scroll Menu: (mobile) Automatically hides the header menu when scrolling down and shows it when scrolling up.
  • Touch Control: (mobile) Add touch gestures to FreshRSS.

By @Eisa01

By @aledeg

  • Date Format: Change how dates are displayed in the interface
  • Latex Support: Add support for LaTeX notation rendering
  • Reddit Image: Replace link to Reddit topic with resource link

By @Lapineige

  • Reading Time: Add a reading time estimation next to each article.

By @Korbak

  • Invidious: Displays videos from YouTube feeds inline and replaces every source by the Invidious instance of your choice for an enhanced privacy (no tracking or limitation)

By @CN-Tools

  • YouTube Channel 2 RSSFeed: You can add a YouTube Channel URL and will get it as RSSFeed
  • Feed Title Builder: Build your own feed title based on url, the original feed title and the date the feed was added
  • Copy 2 Clipboard: Add a button in the navigation bar to copy the destination links of all visible entries into clipboard

By @DevonHess

By @Kapdap

  • Clickable Links: Replaces non-clickable plain text URLs found in articles with clickable HTML links

By @dohseven

  • Explosm: Directly displays the Explosm comic in FreshRSS

By @ImAReplicant

By @christian-putzke

  • Pocket Button: Add articles to Pocket with one simple button click or a keyboard shortcut.

By @printfuck

By @Victrid

  • Image Cache: Cache feed images on your own facility or Cloudflare cache.

By @aidistan

By @balthisar

  • RedditSub: A FreshRSS Extension to Show a Reddit Subreddit as Part of the Article Title.

By @mgnsk

  • AutoTTL: A FreshRSS extension for automatic feed refresh TTL based on the average frequency of entries.