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Added .editorconfig #1732

merged 1 commit into from Dec 17, 2017


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2 participants
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commented Dec 17, 2017

A cross IDE setting for basic code formats, see

Because its annoying to remember project specific code style settings and change IDE settings for new projects. That would help new contributors a lot.

How to use it?
There are plugins available, see

@Alkarex Alkarex added this to the 1.9.0 milestone Dec 17, 2017


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commented Dec 17, 2017

I did not know about it. Good idea!
Please add a line to the the changelog (in Misc. probably)


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commented Dec 17, 2017

Nevermind for the changelog. I do it at the same time as a few other changes (will also avoid merge conflicts).

@Alkarex Alkarex merged commit 0714db3 into FreshRSS:dev Dec 17, 2017

1 check passed

continuous-integration/travis-ci/pr The Travis CI build passed

Alkarex added a commit that referenced this pull request Dec 17, 2017

@kevinpapst kevinpapst deleted the kevinpapst:editorconfig branch Dec 17, 2017

Alkarex added a commit to Alkarex/FreshRSS that referenced this pull request Jan 2, 2018

Start draft of GitHub update

CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION open_basedir bug (FreshRSS#1657)

CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when an open_basedir is set
FreshRSS#1655 (comment)
Manual merge dev

Add an entry in the subscription tool page

I reworked @Alkarex idea proposed in FreshRSS#1292. I though it was a good idea to merge everything in the same location.

Improve translation tools

I was not happy with the previous version. I refactored everything to make it reusable.
It allows me do do more verifications and to build a tool to handle the files themselves.

Merge pull request FreshRSS#1660 from aledeg/api-subscription-tool

Add an entry in the subscription tool page
Merge pull request FreshRSS#1658 from aledeg/improve-i18n-tools

Improve translation tools
Changelog 1247


Merge branch 'FreshRSS/dev' into github-update

[i18] nl/sub: add a few translations
Merge pull request FreshRSS#1661 from FreshRSS/Frenzie-patch-1

[i18] nl/sub: add a few translations
Reworded changelog 1247


Merge branch 'dev' of into FreshRSS/dev

CLI optimize database (FreshRSS#1663)

CLI optimize database FreshRSS#1583
And VACUUM in SQLite FreshRSS#918
Add VACUUM for PostgreSQL (Not tested yet)
A bit of Apache documentation (FreshRSS#1670)

Merge branch 'FreshRSS/dev' into github-update

Delete unneeded update files

Move update scripts

Merge branch 'staging-branch' into github-update

Fix Travis syntax

Fix typo in nl i18n (FreshRSS#1675)

improve zh-cn i18n (FreshRSS#1678)

Move translation tools into the cli folder (FreshRSS#1673)

Translation tools must be used on cli. It is better to have them in the cli folder.
Add a Mastodon share (FreshRSS#1674)

See FreshRSS#1521 
Minor language

Small fix Mastodon share

$a['method'] can be undefined.

Changelog Mastodon

Merge pull request FreshRSS#1682 from Alkarex/fix_mastodon_share

Small fix Mastodon share
Merge branch 'FreshRSS/dev' into github-update

More update

Split post-update in disctinct file

Post-update will thus contain code from the new version

Better case for git

Fix link encoding in API (FreshRSS#1686)

A bit of documentation for the API (FreshRSS#1689)

FreshRSS#443 (comment)

Merge branch 'FreshRSS/dev' into github-update

[docs] Configuration: some stylistic improvements (FreshRSS#1693)

The main purpose is to fix the `imapcted` typo that was exposed by FreshRSS#1259 (comment)
[FIX] FreshRSS#1690 - Also check pdo_pgsql extension in check_install()

[ADD] 'blankoworld' as contributor in CREDITS

Changelog 1690


I18n - DE (FreshRSS#1698)

* added missing german translations
Call idn_to_ascii with INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_UTS46

Under PHP 7.2, calling `idn_to_ascii($idn)` results in a deprecation warning: 'INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_2003 is deprecated'

Therefore, if possible, `idn_to_ascii($idn, 0, INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_UTS46)` should be used instead. `INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_UTS46` was introduced in PHP 5.4, so on versions before that, `idn_to_ascii($idn)` must still be used.

Fixed FreshRSS#1699
A bit more for git updates

Documentation updates (FreshRSS#1697)

* added documentation about updating FreshRSS
moved Installation to admin directory
linked some already existing documentation files
Update panel shows latest version message as success (FreshRSS#1701)

show latest version message as success, FIXES FreshRSS#1586
Merge branch 'FreshRSS/master' into FreshRSS/dev

Remove forgotten punycode line

Credits Craig Andrews

Merge pull request FreshRSS#1700 from candrews/patch-1

Call idn_to_ascii with INTL_IDNA_VARIANT_UTS46
Changelog  1586 1698 1699


Merge branch 'dev' of into FreshRSS/dev

Merge branch 'FreshRSS/dev' into github-update

Add more glyphs for opensans font (FreshRSS#1032)

* Add more glyphs for opensans font

* Update .htaccess to support woff2 file format

* Fixed browser support for new font face

* Fixed Origine theme css and .htaccess

* Deleted unneeded fonts

* Added stylefiles for OpenSans font

* Fixed all themes with new font css

* Avoid additional CSS file

* htaccess cache control public

* Font casing bug

* Remove TTF font

Too big, low need

* Changelog 1032


Extension function to override entry hash (FreshRSS#1707)

Extension function to override entry hash

Merge branch 'FreshRSS/dev' into github-update

Show existing extensions in admin panel (FreshRSS#1708)

* first draft

* display installed extension state

* fixed whitespace vs tabs

* added translation in all languages

* added error checks and log messages

* fixed tabs vs whitespace

* another try in fixing whitespaces

* another try in fixing whitespaces

* improved extension list translations

* using JSON from official extension repo

* improved version compare

* updated translations

* French translation

make sure that we do not exceed a certain file size for the users log file

renamed method

incorporated code review feedback

added new extension hook
using hook for reading modes in navigation

refactored ReadingModes to Model

Log rotation, use Minz_Log, new log constants


Check requirement in CLI script (FreshRSS#1711)

* check requirements in actualize_script before executing, fixes FreshRSS#1710

* removed empty whiteline

* testing all requirements

* incorporated code review feedback

* removed code that is already executed in _cli.php

* added newline at eof

* fixed include problems

* fixed include problems

Merge branch 'dev' into logfilesize
Merge branch 'dev' into logfilesize
Changelog 1708 1711


Merge pull request FreshRSS#1712 from kevinpapst/logfilesize

Prevent logfile from growing unlimited
Changelog 1712


Use __DIR__ for relative include and require

For uniformity, and to avoid having PHP searching in include_path.
FreshRSS#1711 (comment)

Merge pull request FreshRSS#1717 from Alkarex/dir_in_require

Use __DIR__ for relative include and require
fixed bug in catch block
added types to docblocks

Merge pull request FreshRSS#1724 from kevinpapst/exception-bug

ExtensionManager fixes
[doc] Extensions: translate various sections from French

See FreshRSS#1697 (comment)

* lowercase dir as pointed out by @kevinpapst in FreshRSS#1704 (comment)

* Add French translation with improvements suggested by @aledeg

Merge branch 'dev' into hebrew-i18n
Fix whitespace

Add message after log rotation


Minz Dispatcher Controllers path


Customisable constants.local.php (FreshRSS#1725)

Merge pull request FreshRSS#1726 from Alkarex/message_log_rotation

Add message after log rotation
i18n hebrew more

18n Hebrew more 2

Changelog 1716 1724 1725

Merge branch 'FreshRSS/dev' into Minz_Dispatcher_paths

Changelog 1729

Merge pull request #1716 from FreshRSS/hebrew-i18n

Add hebrew translation
Changelog 1716

Merge pull request FreshRSS#1729 from Alkarex/Minz_Dispatcher_paths

Minz Dispatcher Controllers path
added .editorconfig with basic settings

Minz Controllers directory uppercase


Merge pull request FreshRSS#1704 from Frenzie/doc-translate-extensions

[doc] Extensions: translate various sections from French
Merge pull request FreshRSS#1732 from kevinpapst/editorconfig

Added .editorconfig
Changelog 1697, 1704, 1732


Merge branch 'dev' of into FreshRSS/dev

fixed bug when adding a category and feed at the same time (FreshRSS#1731)

fixed bug when adding a category and feed at the same time

Changelog 1731


Fix favicon for open_basedir (FreshRSS#1733)

Remove open_basedir warning for CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION with PHP 5.6.0-
Remove warning for CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION with open_basedir (FreshRSS#1734)

For PHP 5.6.0-
Prepare release of FreshRSS 1.9.0

Merge pull request FreshRSS#1720 from FreshRSS/dev

FreshRSS 1.9.0
Update FreshRSS version to 1.9.0

Merge branch 'FreshRSS/dev' into FreshRSS/master

[docs] Extensions: fix typo (FreshRSS#1735)

Merge branch 'FreshRSS/dev' into FreshRSS/master

New development version 1.9.1-dev

PHP 7.2: Fix a warning when retrieving the list of entries (FreshRSS#1739)

When retrieving the list of entries when the context was 'all' or 'starred', there was the following warning:

> Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable in /home/alexis/FreshRSS/app/Controllers/indexController.php on line 206

I fixed that by changing how the array is tested.
Fixes link to the "update guidelines" (FreshRSS#1740)

Fixes link to the "update guidelines" (FreshRSS#1740)

Minor changes (FreshRSS#1747)

Tiny additions to .editorconfig (FreshRSS#1744)

Improving README in English and French (FreshRSS#1746)

Merge branch 'FreshRSS/master' into FreshRSS/dev

Adding new items to force-https.default.txt (FreshRSS#1745)

credits  RyDroid


[doc] Editing for better style (FreshRSS#1736)

* Also removed references to Persona authentication.
* Changed code comment about Persona because it's for HTTP auth
  in general. See FreshRSS@3d87609
  and FreshRSS#358 (comment)
[i18n] Add translation ignore/nl (FreshRSS#1752)

Add shortcuts to switch views (FreshRSS#1755)

Add mute strategy configuration (FreshRSS#1750)

Minor syntax

Merge pull request FreshRSS#1714 from kevinpapst/hook-readingmodes

Added extension hook for reading modes
Changelog 1739, 1745, 1750, 1755


Fix login bug when HTTP REMOTE_USER changes


Merge pull request FreshRSS#1756 from Alkarex/YunoHost_HTTP_Auth

Fix login bug when HTTP REMOTE_USER changes
Changelog 1756


Merge branch 'dev' of into FreshRSS/dev

Fix shortcuts triggering view switching

Merge pull request FreshRSS#1758 from aledeg/fix-nav-buttons

Fix shortcuts triggering view switching
Merge branch 'dev' into github-update
Merge branch 'dev' into github-update
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