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FreshRSS 1.13.0 #2186

merged 80 commits into from Dec 22, 2018


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Alkarex commented Dec 16, 2018

The next version of FreshRSS is almost ready, and I would like to invite you all to test the /dev branch before the final release in the coming days - hopefully in time for the holidays season :-)

Please report your findings, also when it works well! As usual, the Docker freshrss/freshrss:dev image is also available.

10 contributors have worked on this release. A special credit goes to @pattems for his refactoring of the scrolling of the categories/feeds sidebar, which required many iterations #2117.

In those days of censorship (e.g. Tumblr), I am personally glad of seeing a native support for push notifications from the popular decentralised social networking systems Mastodon and Friendica, which accepted my small WebSub protocol fixes.

For maximum freedom, the import/export has been improved, and if you have some (ethical) issues with Tiny-Tiny-RSS, it is now easier than ever to move to FreshRSS thanks to a full import support of their custom format.

Thanks to Netsparker for scanning open source projects and reporting a minor security issue in FreshRSS.

Full changelog:

  • API
  • Features
    • Ability to import XML files exported from Tiny-Tiny-RSS #2079
    • Ability to show all the feeds that have a warning #2146
    • Share with Pinboard #1972
  • UI
    • Reworked the scrolling of the categories/feeds sidebar #2117
      • Native styled scrollbars in Firefox 64+, Chrome.
    • Show collapsed sidebar in the reader mode #2169
    • New shortcuts to move to previous/next article without opening it #1767
    • Fix regression from 1.12.0 preventing from closing an article #2085
    • Improvements of the Swage theme #2088, #2094
    • Many style improvements #2108, #2115,
      #1620, #2089,
      #2122, #2161
  • Deployment
    • Support for HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PREFIX to ease the use of reverse proxies #2191
      • Updated Docker + Træfik + Let’s Encrypt deployment guide #2189
    • Docker image updated to Alpine 3.8.2 with PHP 7.2.13 and Apache 2.4.35
    • Fix .dockerignore #2190
  • I18n
  • SimplePie
    • Update to SimplePie 1.5.2 #2136
      • Fix some sanitizing in authors / tags
    • Strip embedded SVG images for now #2135
  • Security
  • Bug fixing
    • Fix warning in tempnam() with PHP 7.1+ affecting ZIP export #2134
    • Fix print for views with unfolded articles #2130
    • Fix notifications in reader view #1407
    • Fix sharing with Movim #1781
  • Misc.

Alkarex and others added some commits Oct 28, 2018

Update Swage CSS
Fix highlighting issue in Config pages, prepare for variable-width config buttons
Add ID's to buttons in configure-feed
Add ID's to be able to individually target buttons inside the configure feeds (Subscriptions Management & Import/Export) buttons.
Fix Dropdown being obscured by other elements
increased z-index of dropdown-menu to prevent it from being obscured by other page elements
Merge pull request #2089 from pattems/template-fix
Fix Dropdown being obscured by other elements
Merge pull request #2088 from pattems/dev
Fix Swage theme issues
reallow items kept unread to be interactive (#2085)
Remove .keep_unread from classes that do nothing.
Remove resizing of #bigMarkAsRead (#2094)
Remove theme sizing to make scroll as read work per #1980
[i18n] Add the Occitan locale (#2110)
* Create oc.php

L27 : ajout de l’occitan

* Create admin.php

* Create conf.php

* Create feedback.php

* Create gen.php

* Create index.php

* Create install.php

* Create sub.php

* Delete conf.php

* Create conf.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update gen.php

* Update oc.php

* Update admin.php

* Update conf.php

* Update feedback.php

* Update gen.php

* Update index.php

* Update install.php

* Update sub.php

* Update oc.php
TT-RSS import (#2099)
* TT-RSS import

Import of Tiny Tiny RSS favourites
#2018 (comment)

* Fallback feed_url

* Simpler JSON

* TT-RSS import custom labels

* Fix syntax
Tweaks for Vienna RSS (#2093)
* Tweaks for Vienna RSS


* Fix get feed by URL

* Fix get item ids returning starred elements

* API add item ids by feed URL

* Add API filter `it`

* API add `nt=` filter + refactoring

* No ; prefix for author

#2091 (comment)

* Add id long form prefix and accept short id form

#2091 (comment)

* Fix quote problem

#2091 (comment)

* Isolate bug fix for News+

#2091 (comment)

* Rework encoding conventions

#2091 (comment)

* Unicode escaping alternative

Alternative approach to encode XML special characters and other
problematic characters into their Unicode fullwidth version when we
cannot use HTML-encoding because clients disagree wether they should
HTML-decode or not.
#2091 (comment)
Note stating manually adding custom subscription services removed in …
…FF 63 (#2112)

* Note stating manually adding custom subscription services removed in FF 63

* Amended to mention bookmarklet and upcoming issues
API encoding tuning (#2120)
Use only minimal XML->Unicode encoding for articles title.
Follow-up of #2093
Improve long dropdown menu lists (#2108)
Dropdown menus with lots of entries were a bit difficult to use …
Set max height to 75% of Viewport-height and enabled scrolling
Login tweaks (#2122)
* Fix for #1620

* Swage login tweaks

#2069 (comment)

* Swage tweaks for Mobile
Add username in configuration menu and exports (#2133)
* Add username in configuration menu

#2099 (comment)

* Add username to exported files
PHP 7.1 tempnam warning fix (#2134)
And suggested dir was wrong.
<b>Notice</b>:  tempnam(): file created in the system's temporary
directory in
on line <b>800</b><br />
Strip embedded SVG images for now (#2135)
Fix #2106
Proper SVG support would require custom sanitizing and URL rewriting of
xlink:href, and is left for future work
I18n standardization (#2138)
* i18n Admin standardization

cz - moved items incorrectly placed in system array to extensions array
nl - remove registration array in user array that doesn't appear in any other translations - possibly from an old version that didn't get removed?
oc - reordered list to standardize order with other translation files.

* Alphabetize extensions Array

* Standardize conf.php

he - removed options not appearing in other i18n files, added missing strings

* Standardize feedback.php

he - removed line not found in other translation files
nl - removed line not found in other translation files

* Standardize gen.php

* Standardize index.php

Major sorting of oc.
Added tags to several languages

* Standardize install.php

ru - added missing strings
it - remove extra string not found in other config files
he - add missing strings, remove strings not found in other languages
oc - reorganize

* Standardize sub.php

* Standardize and fix TODOs

use format  "//TODO - Translation" for easier searching

* Fix whitespace
Add shortcuts for focusing next and previous without opening articles. (

* add skipping option to toggleContent to use later for 'i' and 'o' hotkeys

* in English config j,k are now 'open' and not 'skip', i,o are called 'focus .. without opening'
[fix] Finishing touches for next/previous without focus (#2140)
* [fix] Finishing touches for next/previous without focus

Cf. #1767.

* Avoid single quote

Alternative: use `’`

* Minor whitespace

* Minor whitespace

* be explicit about skipping

* add todos

* overshot by one

Alkarex and others added some commits Dec 16, 2018

JavaScript-free scrollbar (#2181)
* JavaScript-free scrollbar

Make scrollbar work without JavaScript
#2117 (comment)
Also implies a better support of resize scenarios.
Seems to fix at the same time the occasional glitches
#2117 (comment)

* Firefox 64-66 workaround

Workaround for Gecko bug in Firefox 64-66. Avoid showing the scrollbar
all the time, at the cost of a slight reflow (therefore targetting only

* Improvement of Firefox workaround

* Minor comment

* Unneeded check

* Even better

* Partial Edge fix

* More margin for tree bottom
Documentation Vienna (#2126)
* Documentation Vienna / Open Reader


* Remove references to Open Reader API for now
Documentation update (#2095)
* Add Phoronix CSS retrieve rule

* Update

Mise à jour paragraphe des langues
Ajout règle CSS Phoronix

* Ajout outils externes pour récupérer contenu complet article

* Adding external tools to retrieve full-content

* Messed up for Phoronix, added back

* Update

* Update
Update naming to WebSub (#2184)
Instead of PubSubHubbub / PuSH

@Alkarex Alkarex added this to the 1.13.0 milestone Dec 16, 2018


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Alkarex commented Dec 16, 2018

Alkarex and others added some commits Dec 16, 2018

Update Docker readme (#2189)
* Update Docker readme

Promote the use of an automated reverse proxy such as Træfik. Propose
other good practices.

* Typo
Support of proxies with subfolder / path rules (#2191)
Improve Docker/Træfik for rules based on path/sub-folder
Fix .gitignore take 3 (#2195)
* Fix .gitignore take 3


* Readme

@Alkarex Alkarex merged commit f0a3596 into master Dec 22, 2018

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