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@Alkarex Alkarex released this Oct 28, 2018 · 238 commits to master since this release


  • Features
    • Ability to add labels (custom tags) to articles #928
      • Also available through Google Reader API (full support in News+, partial in FeedMe, EasyRSS). No support in Fever API.
    • Handle article tags containing spaces, as well as comma-separated tags #2023
    • Handle authors containing spaces, as well as comma or semi-colon separated authors #2025
    • Searches by tag, author, etc. accept Unicode characters #2025
    • New option to disable cache for feeds with invalid HTTP caching #2052
  • UI
    • New theme Swage #2069
    • Click on authors to initiate a search by author #2025
    • Fix CSS for button alignments in older Chrome versions #2020
    • Updated to jQuery 3.3.1 #2021
    • Updated to bcrypt.js 2.4.4 #2022
  • Security
    • Improved flow for password change (avoid error 403) #2056
    • Allow dot . in username (best to avoid, though) #2061
  • Performance
    • Remove some counterproductive preload / prefetch rules #2040
    • Improved fast flush (earlier transfer, fetching of resources, and rendering) #2045
      • Only available for Apache running PHP as module (not for NGINX, or PHP as CGI / FPM) because we want to keep compression
  • Deployment
    • Fix Docker bug with some cron values #2032
    • Perform git clean -f -d -f (removes unknown files and folders) before git auto-update method #2036
  • Bug fixing
    • Make article GUIDs case-sensitive also with MySQL #2077
    • Ask confirmation for important configuration actions #2048
    • Fix database size in the Web UI for users about to be deleted #2047
    • Fix actualize bug after install #2044
    • Fix manual / Web actualize for which the final commit coud be done too early #2081
    • Fix regression from version 1.11.2, which might have wrongly believed that the server address was private #2084
      • Please check in data/config.php that you have 'pubsubhubbub_enabled' => true, if your server has a public address
  • Extensions
    • Update built-in extension to again fix Tumblr feeds from European Union due to GDPR #2053
  • I18n
    • Fix missing German translations, e.g. for Sharing with Known #2059
  • Misc.
    • Better port detection behind a proxy #2031

Swage theme on mobile

Swage theme mobile

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Custom labels

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