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Content files for website. uses Pelican as static site generator. It is a powerful Python software which generates HTML from Markdown or reStructuredText formats.

This repository contains content (in Markdown), configuration and a Dockerfile to help to build the website.

Actually, there is one specific file: ./content/pages/index.html. Yes, it is HTML (and not Markdown). It is the home page content of

Blog posts are written in Markdown under the ./content/blog directory.


We assume in this section you have Docker installed on your system.

If you want to (an image is provided on the Docker registry), you can build the image with:

$ docker build -t freshrss/freshrss-org .

And generate the output with:

$ mkdir output
$ docker run --rm -v "$PWD/output:/pelican/output" --user $(id -u):$(id -g) freshrss/freshrss-org

You should now see HTML files under ./output directory that you can upload on a server. The website is generated with the URL by default. You can override this value by setting the SITEURL environment variable:

$ docker run --rm -v "$PWD/output:/pelican/output" --user $(id -u):$(id -g) -e "SITEURL=" freshrss/freshrss-org