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Bottlin' musicmetadata to put on display since 2-0-12!
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Basic MusicBottle documentation

MusicBottle is a web application which aims to display MusicBrainz data in a more presentable format that the MusicBrainz website does. MusicBrainz must allow for both viewing and editing of data and because of this data isn't always displayed in the clearest way.

See more about the project at our WikiPage:

Installing MusicBottle

Make sure you have a reasonably recent Python 2 installed. We're working with compatibility for Python >= 2.6.3. It's recommended to use pip and virtualenv for dependencies. virtualenv is available as a package in most distributions, e.g. as python-virtualenv in Ubuntu and Debian and python2-virtualenv in ArchLinux. Installing this should also pull in Python 2 and PIP.

Obtain the latest sources and navigate to them:

git clone
cd MusicBottle

If you decided to go with with using virtualenv, now is a good time to make a virtual environment:

virtualenv venv
. venv/bin/activate

Install download and install the required dependencies:

pip install --upgrade --ignore-installed --use-mirrors --download-cache=/tmp/pip -r requirements.txt

Running MusicBottle

Inside the project directory, run python runserver to start the server.

You can run python runserver -h to see a list of options for starting the server. E.g., if you need to run it on a different port than the default.

If the commands above give errors, try using python2 instead of python.

Configuring MusicBottle

If you want to configure MusicBottle settings, copy musicbottle/ somewhere, edit it and set the environment variable MUSICBOTTLE_SETTINGS to point to the edited file.

Accessing MusicBottle

Once you have the test server running, you should be able to access it at

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