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If you can't find a solution here then go to the thread in the official plex forums


Q: The Agent doesn't show up in the Metadata Agent List in the Server Settings!

A: Restart the Server

Q: It still doesn't show up!

A: Check the Permissions of the folder and all underlying files on your Operating System, Plex needs to have permissions to load the Agent, this is normally only an issue with the Linux OS.

Q: Why do I have not the same number of Anime in my library as I have on my filesystem?

A: This can have multiple reasons:

  1. The Scanner couldn't identify your folder or files on your filesystem and therefore couldn't create the entry in your library. Prepare your files before you add them to your server or just keep to the Names (above the Cover picture).
  2. Your Entry was merged with another entry in your library. This can happen when the Match process searches and selects the same search result. To fix this you can either split them apart, unmatch and rescan your library and then manually match both of the entries or move all of the merged files from your library folder and add them after each other and fix the matches by hand.

Q: Why won't I get metadata even if I have search results?

A: If your naming convention is correct and you get search results but your metadata is not updated then this could be that MyAnimeList is blocking the Agent.

Q: Why would MyAnimeList block the Agent?

A: Short Answer: Because there are too many requests with the same API Key.

Longer Answer: To get a response from the Atarashii API requires an API Key. If there are many requests with the same Origin (which is the IP usually to prevent spamming the servers) which is, in this case, the same API Key it will block further requests for a specific amount of time.

I already have almost any request made to the API cached with plex on a 7 Day cache interval but even this won't prevent this issue to turn up once in a while. The only solution for this is to force that you get your own API key.

Q: Some MyAnimeList Episodes have a summary, why is it not added to the metadata of the Episode in Plex?

A: This has two reasons, the first would be that the Atarashii API does not provide this information and the second would be the previously mentioned point.

An Example: Currently, One Piece has 850 Episodes. MyAnimeList does not provide a way to get episode information (Title, number and Airdate excluded) in a bulk, which means that you had to do a single request to the atarashii API for each episode.

Q: There are wrong images in my library, images that don't belong to the Anime

A: This is probably a mapping issue. The Agent will pull a mapping file (and cache it for 7 days) and will look up the MyAnimeList ID to get a TheTVDB or TheMovieDB ID from which the Agent will request the image information. If the ID of TheTVDB or TheMovieDB in this mapping file is wrong then the Agent will obviously also pull the wrong image information.

Here is how you can fix this:

  1. get in touch with me by either creating an issue in the mapping project, in the official Plex Forum listed at the top of this page. Provide at least the ID of the anime on MyAnimeList by either looking into the log file or going on MyAnimeList and search for the title. If you want to have Bonus Points also include the TheTVDB or TheMovieDB ID as well so that I don't have search for it myself. You could also contribute to the GitHub Project and make the changes yourself
  2. Wait for me to merge it into the Project and update it on my server
  3. Clear your Cache or wait up to 7 days for the mapping file to be updated

Q: Now I still have the wrong images in my library

A: Unmatch the Anime or move the files from your library folder on your filesystem and wait for it to not be present anymore. Then select "Clean Bundles" in your Library and "Empty Trash" as well. After that, you only have to match the Anime again.

Q: My Library has no/wrong matches

A: With the Version 6.0.0 I used a different way to calculate the match score between the Name of the File/Folder the Scanner has added to your Library and the Search function. This new way is strict what this matching is concerned and your naming (or at least what the Scanner is adding to your library) is more important now. This means, the Agent will still only use a match above 80% but reaching this threshold is more strict.

An Example: If you have a Folder named "To LOVE-Ru Darkness" (case sensitive) in your Library, then BABS will add "To Love Ru Darkness" to your Anime Library (the difference is "LOVE-" to "Love ") this will only create a 78% Match between those two and therefore not get match automatically.

Which means, the Match process is more accurate but should also produce fewer mismatches (like "K-ON!" being matches as "K-ON!!")

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