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Repository to store and provide the title and mapping lists of the website and the corresponding mapping to and


contains the lists of mappings between Myanimelist, TheMovieDB and TheTVDB

Note: this list only contains available entries so for example the myanimelist with ID 2 is not available and therefore there is no mapping for it available.

The mapping can be validated manually by using the following links (replace the <XY_id> with the appropriate entry in the mapping file)<mal_id><thetvdb_id><themoviedb_id>

The Mapping list can be merged into the full list with the following command (the full file shouldn't be created in the same folder to prevent merging the files twice):

jq -s '[.[][]]|sort_by(.mal_id)' animeMapping_* > ../animeMapping_full.json


contains the available titles (japanese, synonyms, english) all IDs on myanimelist.

Note: this list also contains unavailable entries!

Report wrong mapping

Since I can't check all those entries by myself I require some help to do it. If you find a mapping that is wrong please report it here