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+OAL Wrapper Source Code
+Yes, here OpenAL C++ Wrapper that was built and used for the Penumbra series as well as the upcoming Amnesia: The Dark Descent game.
+Read through the TODO file for various known things that should be cleaned up / fixed.
+Included are project files for Xcode, Cmake (for Linux).
+Contributing Code
+We encourage everyone to contribute code to this project, so just sign up for a github account, create a fork and hack away at the codebase. We will start an Open Source forum on the Frictional Games forums as a place to talk about changes and to submit patches from your forks.
+License Information
+All code is under the zlib license. Please read the LICENSE file for more information on terms of use.
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+* Add a Visual Studio Project file for windows
* remove dependency on HPL1Engine core
- Memory wrappers
- String processing (cString class)

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