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The GPOTools module is designed to handle all things GPO.

As a special focus, it tries to manage migrations, backup & restore.

Compared to the built-in tools, its backup&restore capability also includes:

  • WMI Filter
  • GP Links & Link Order
  • Localized / Renamed builtin accounts & groups mapping
  • Customizable identity mapping
  • Permissions


Installing the module

Install-Module GPOTools


# Backup ALL GPOs
Backup-GptPolicy -Path .

# Backup just the ones you want
Get-GPO -All | Where-Object $condition | Backup-GptPolicy -Path .

# Backup all policies that fit your desired name pattern
Backup-GptPolicy -Path . -Name 'SEC-*'


# Restore everything
Restore-GptPolicy -Path .

# Restore just those policies you care about
Restore-GptPolicy -Path . -Name 'SEC-*', 'Client-*'

# Restore while mapping groups from the source domain to different groups in the destination domain
Restore-GptPolicy -Path . -IdentityMapping @{
	'S-D-FileServerAdmins' = 'SD1-FSAdmins'
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